When I Die


When I Die

When the bell
tolls for me
This romantic
Only requests
one thing
When I die
Let it be for love

Photo taken from Pixabay.

151 thoughts on “When I Die

      1. Well, I’m not sure we get to choose! But yeah, I used to think I’d want to live as long as possible, but now I feel like health would be more important. I know I’m so much more active than my parents were at this age, so that’s gotta help, right?

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        1. Wouldn’t that be cool if we could? I agree with you. used to think I wanted to live until 100. Everything depends on “the quality of life.” Yeah I compare myself to my parents and I am doing so much better than them at my age.

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    1. That kind of happened to me. It wasn’t funny then…
      And the doctors in the er room were all whispering about me, as sell as the nurses. I was embarrassed to say the least.
      I was also the ambulance driver because they had a tendency to get lost… I was 10 minutes away and hitting 60.
      He has a collapsed vein and they had to put a stent in.


          1. About packing at 2:00 a.m.? Absolutely. I’m a light packer. I’m staying with my sister, and she will have everything I need. I’m only taking a carry on. What you don’t realize, is that I don’t need a pair of shoes to match every outfit. I don’t need jewelry to match every outfit. I am very plain and simple, yet I dress with class. So therefore, I don’t need much to take.

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  1. This is either the most romantic concept written or a decision a non consensual spouse makes in response to an act of infidelity. Interesting how each uses the term passion. The first is an act of passion; the second, a crime of passion! πŸ˜€

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          1. Yes seriously. It would be a blessing to me.
            If you knew how I have to live, you might think different.
            People always say “oh you can change things” or you can do this or that….no. I cannot.
            #1 I have absolutely no money. He does. After 25 yrs.
            #2 I have a service dog that weights 83 pounds that I cannot dump. And I wont. HE is why I still live. And not many landlords will accept him. They accept tiny dogs.
            So, no options. I look but do not find. I’m going to give up looking. It gets old. Everyday. Nothing changes. Ever.
            No one cares anyway. And certainly not my “husband”

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      1. I am looking forward to it as well. I am giddy and I am so filled with content that I am not sure what to pull and read. I plan on a few:)

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              1. Ahh, she set me up a good month ago for it and I have to do some old school reading being I have been doing new styles than I ever did 20 years ago and the transformation and adding categories:)

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  2. I enjoyed your poem. πŸ™‚ Did you take that pretty photo, Andrew?
    I used to like the song “I did it all for Love,” in Chorus Line. Amen to love *plus old age with memory in tact * so I remember all the love! ❀ πŸ™‚

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