A Better Life – Searching For A Title


First, I would like to thank everyone who followed my time traveling tale of love. When I originally wrote the story, I meant it to be a one time short and nothing more. Many of you suggested turning this into a larger story.

As days passed, I realized how this can become a screenplay and novel that could draw interest.

I want to use this post as a reference guide, ; collecting and storing suggestions here.

I will set the story in the near future (2030 or 2040) because of the school shooting. Obviously, I can’t have my characters going back to the 1980s when school shootings weren’t prevalent.

Please use this post to submit suggestions on this story that is being formulated in my head. Any suggestions you may have to enrich this story will be greatly appreciated.

1 – I need a new title for this story. Β I have searched for names using the word “time,” but it isn’t necessary. Β All title suggestions will be considered.

2- Also, want to change the name Josephine. Β It was fine when I thought it was a one time piece, but I prefer my female lead to have a stronger name.

3- Any comments or suggestions about Jack (appearance).

4- Any other ideas or suggestions

Thank you.





123 thoughts on “A Better Life – Searching For A Title

  1. I am rubbish at thinking of names for characters and stories, so I’m no good to you. There are a lot of random name generators (for characters and titles) out there on the interwebs, they might give you something, or jog your brain into thinking of something if you haven’t already tried them.
    Good luck!

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      1. That’s why most of my stuff only has two characters, he and she πŸ˜€
        No problem, us writers have to help each other out πŸ™‚

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  2. A Time to Love! Or so would the title be in my head. Love knows not time and his love is timeless through out time.

    And I think the name Josephine is just fine. through out the story she is that delicate and beautiful lady in a wheel chair. Only in the end she becomes like him. Just like every rose has a thorn.

    You cold develop the reason why he works in that lab to change time. how he got to know her story.

    Still this is your story. I enjoyed reading.

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    1. A Time To Love. I adore that title. Seriously, I think I will use that name. It is so perfect. Thank you. Yeah, now I am going to do the writer’s work of developing the story, backstory, and characters. Thank you for your suggestions, it really has me excited to get this done.


  3. Oh gosh, Josephine is a pretty strong name. If I had to go stronger I’d probably start going to the Greek goddesses or warrior names…Freya, Athena. Drawing a blank on the rest but maybe after giving it some time…

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  4. Pretty happy that you’re thinking of expanding this story. All the best!

    The title could be :
    Saving (your female lead)/
    The Time Traveller/
    Love, Fate and other dynamics.

    Jack could be created in the mould of Clive Owen, an everyman who would stop at nothing to save his wife.

    Josephine’s name could be Helena/Marissa/Mel/Serena.

    Don’t know much. These are just what I could gather off the top of my head.

    Hope you make a great screenplay.

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  5. Alexandria, A.K.A. Alex is a very strong female name. Another interesting twist I thought of, considering the future, i.e., 2030 to 2040 might have some private schools allowing high school students to carry firearms. I hate the thought, but it may make for a good story.

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  6. How about Cara? I think short names have a certain appeal. Jane, Jan, Lana, Olivia, Maya, Elise. Jack should be lean but muscled, athletic. Dark hair, not clean shaven, green eyes. A title? I’ll have to think about it! I love that you’re going to put some flesh on this piece- it’s a great story!

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    1. I like Olivia and Cara, Abosultely aodre your description of Jack. Thanks for the suggestions and compliments. I keep my posts bare of description to keep them short. But now I will flesh out the characters and story. Now, the fun begins. Thanks Meg.

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  7. I like descriptions of people that are short on physical aspects and longer on their presence. Someone muscling into a room, or sucking out the oxygen everyone else is trying to share. Those are well used so you’ll have to find something fresh, but that’s the idea. Might not tell you how someone looks, but you know how they function.
    For names, you could do something quirky. If he is Jack (keep this) then she could be Jake, but short for Jacqueline. Or keep Josephine but call her Josey.
    So far in the future, you’ll have to think about the advances in technology – identification via iris, everyone with a chip implanted at birth, etc. – way more than I can imagine.
    I like the idea of expanding the story. Sounds like work but fun work.


  8. A great idea, truly. “Eons of Love”, (I love the world “eon” cause it seems rarely used in everyday language), “Rewind to Love” lol perhaps too much 80’s cheesy… Aah, I suck at titles, sorry….
    About “Jack”… he has GOT to have dark hair! πŸ™‚ I don’t know why though. xo

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    1. It is rarely used. Rewind to Love is good too. You are the second person who said that about Jack having dark hair. Most of my protagonists do, but I thought that was due to my wanting to inject myself into my character. Thanks for your suggestions. xoxo

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  9. 1.look at shutterstock for inspiration photos for your characters. 2.think about the qualities of your heroine. Does she have anything particular about her? Is she unique, timeless? Think about these things. If you find one, reverse look up baby names for a name with that meaning. 3.don’t think about the title until the first or second draft is finished. You might pick up on some underlying theme that suits it better. πŸ’•

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        1. We had guests popping into the house all weekend. It was fun but draining too. I have EMAILS to respond too. And I am struggling trying to catch up to my reading of blogs. You were missed as well. If I had a bed in the empty bedroom you could have come to enjot the festivites.

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  10. I think “A Time to Love” and “Clock Walker” are both good titles. Here are a couple of other suggestions:
    – “Past Threats to Future Love”
    – “Fixing Love in Time”

    Also, I think Josephine is a good name. Maybe not the strongest name out there, but a Josephine had to put up with Napoleon, and that couldn’t have been easy.

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    1. Oh, I like the Fixing Love In Time. Amzing how none of these ideas crept through my mind. I was blank. I am starting to think of leaving Josephine becuae you or the fifth person who said that. Josphine did put up with the little dictator. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  11. I would not be any help to you on picking out the title name for your works. However, dare I suggest a unisex name for your heroine? Rowan, James or Ryan. I feel unisex names are strong for women. Yet, Josephine is lovely too. Smiles.

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  12. Meg’s description of Jack pretty much matches mine…but dark eyes. You know who I like for him from the last installment.

    Title… I only had some simple thoughts: This Time, Another Time, Next Time, Rewind. Fast Forward.

    For the female name, obviously it should be Sandra. Aahhhahaha… joking, of course. If I think of anything for real, I’ll get back to you.

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    1. Okay, Jack will be dark haired and dark eyed. Strong but not bulky. Thanks for the suggestions. Someone told me “A Time For Love.” What do you think of that title? Sandra is a nice name? You don’t like it?? You wouldn’t be offended if I ever used your name?


  13. Congrats on doing a screenplay – way to go! I haven’t read it, I will have to go back and check it out since I found you just recently.

    For a futuristic name, maybe you could shorten it to simply ‘Jo’, or how about ‘Jocelyn’? Or do you want something away from Jo altogether? As for appearances, tall, dark & handsome always works for me! Good luck!

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  14. Josephine is a pretty name. I like it. As for the title, maybe try a less obvious choice, like Ripples (you know how one thing affects another in time travel). Just a thought 😊

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  15. This is a wonderful idea! I was so hoping you would do more with this! Suggestions for title: A tryst with destiny, Bound by time, This moment in time

    I think Rebecca is a strong feminine name but you have been given some really good suggestions. I wish you much luck with this my friend!

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  16. Looking forward to the screenplay, Andrew! πŸ˜€ A Love That Stands the Test of Time. I have always liked the name Isabella or Isabel. What have you been thinking of for a title and female lead name? I wish you the best in making a decision! Hopefully you are better at making decisions than I am. πŸ˜€

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  17. Women’s names that have a male connotation to them such as Stephanie are generally considered stronger.
    The word time does not need to be used but a related word does such as Chrono or Chronos or Chronological….
    As for the appearance, I though of the actor Jon Hamm wearing a suit with no tie, maybe a lab coat? Something that changes colour or style when he returns to denote a different future…..

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    1. Many people have said that about female names with male connotations. Wow, ther use of Chrono will be perfect for this story. And your idea to deonte the different time periods is perfect.

      Thank you so much. This was very helpful. Thanks.

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  18. #2 I like the name Scarlet. Powerful, attractive, sexy; a character able to draw attention or blend undercover.
    #3 I picture Jack to be similar to a Tom Cruise actor. Provides good looks, an attitude, an inner and outer strength; a confidence people are drawn to.

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  19. Good day Andrew bet you throughout l forgot you and publishing your piece on A Better Life – No .. Just waiting for it to develop into the real you l posted a number of your other prices on friends news – As l was setting up a number of other news services at the time – so did not comment on each one but your now on my publishing panel of authors and also posted secret on acesalesnews.wordpress.com this told me all about you – So got together the 4 scenes of the play and titled them FEATURED: A Better Life ( Screenplay in Four Parts ) by The Lonely Author then you as usual blow me away with your plan to change names etc well name could be The Secret Time as it connects to the person inside you and the name of your female could be that person that you wrote about as devil woman as that is also part of you and you remind me of a type of ‘ Raider of Lost Time ‘ another titled its your book and it will l know be a bestseller as is the author – let me know kind sir and l will post all of the parts with changes or without your the writer and boy what a great writer .. Ian

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    1. The name change is in the distant future when I complete the screenplay and try to sell it to Hollywood. For now it remains A Better Life. Thank you for all of your support. You can post as is. And thanks for the name suggestions. Wow, you blow me away with the compliments. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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