A Little Rain Must Fall


A Little Rain Must Fall


You can’t appreciate the light
If you never embraced the dark
No matter how bad things get
Happiness may be a step away
You don’t have to be a dead
Philosopher to understand
one simple truth of life
The sun shines bright for everyone
but on every life
A little rain must fall


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218 thoughts on “A Little Rain Must Fall

  1. I see you visited and checked The Tender Shepherd. It is a good match up with your “Rain.” Even a very nice rain sometimes messes up some of our plans. We must move on, confident of our Guide to know best.

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  2. Reblogged this on LYRIX & LIFE and commented:
    This one got me by the iris, had to share. Its a beautiful july morning, cool showers expected. I personally love the rain, Being in a warm country makes rain something we ask for, we need it. Our fields and skins need its breath, I’ve called it Kisses from heaven. It hugs our branches with bud and fragrance. The fragrance of heaven in burnt dust, and yet what a metaphor in understanding healing. Often the very thing that can drench our sunlight could lend an understanding to some stark realities of a day that could otherwise go un- noticed, I truly value the talent of this Writer. Have a great day, rain shine!

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