The Date


The Date

Ray poured rum into two ice filled glasses.

Glancing at the mirror on the wall, he admired the sleek woman kicking off her shoes. She wasted no time heading directly for the bedroom.

This will be my greatest conquest.

He sighed. He never bedded anyone as beautiful as her.

“Ray, what’s taking so long?”

He trembled with anticipation. She is way out of my league. Not the kind of girl I normally pick up.

He hurried into the bedroom as her skirt crumpled to the carpeted floor.

He handed her the drink.

They clicked glasses.

“To new romance.”

Ray gazed into her aqua eyes hoping she melted when she looked into his.

She held up her glass, “To the termination of a beautiful evening.”

Admiring her choice of words, he nodded. Wow, she is a dream come true.

Taking the glass from her hand he pushed her down on the bed. They kissed. Her mouth tasted sweet.

She is everything I ever wanted. I think I could actually fall in love with her. Shame I have to kill her.

First I will make love to her, afterwards I would strangle her. Poor thing never heard of the Online Dating Serial Killer?

He kissed her again.

Her hand caressed the back of his head. She exploded with rage. A violent thrust preceded a burning in his stomach.

Ray staggered to his feet. Looking into the dresser mirror across the room, he discovered the red stain growing around the knife embedded in his abdomen.

“What’s wrong Ray. You never heard of the Black Widow Serial Killer?”


Photo taken from Google Images.

189 thoughts on “The Date

          1. Which you can, maybe a prequel this time. “After the blockbuster success of The Date, LA blog brings you the prequel which sheds light on the Black Widow killer’s mysterious past.”
            Ha ha, just kidding. 😀


    1. LOL Well, I wanted to start with my usual romantic write then twist it a bit. Why did it have to end this way?? I was watched a few episodes of Body of Proof last night, so I was in crime investigation kind of mood. So, I guess someone had to die. Laughing

      Liked by 1 person

  1. How lucky that I read this in the morning, and not before bed! I would have had nightmares about killers.
    As if online dating wasn’t bad enough… now we have to worry about killers, too? Oh no. I am staying in, then!
    I really like the tension that builds up when you think there is going to be some fun going on later, some romance and passion, and instead comes a whole other sort of close contact….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL Yeah, not a good bedtime read. Not good either if your about to sign up for online dating. I wanted to start with my usual romance and surprise everyone. Thank you for your lovely comments. And yes, online dating is bad enough without all the crazies that may be running around.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoyed the final twist!! I was hoping for something like this to make it special! The stripped down choice of words and the straight to the point narration make up for a great read! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I get that! I was wondering how my Deadly Sins would be received last week, but it went so well, I’m doing another. None of us are one-sided after all. I look forward to exploring more of your work. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Andrew! This not your usual… I like it, sort of. You have to know – I don’t like scary things so I will now have to watch 2 Disney movies before bed! 😜 I like how you switched it up…don’t make a woman mad! Lol 😊

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It is quite alright! I admire that you changed it up. 😀 different is good!! Prince Eric and the Beast made it all better! 😊 No post today, but I think I will post tomorrow…or later today! 😜


  4. Really good work, you can’t be that lonely of writer with your huge following. It would be an honor if you could comment or review a few of my stories on gastradamus. I talk about topics such as the new Ghostbusters movie, the possibility of Tobey McGuire coming back to Spiderman and also touch up on diversity. If these are topics you could review, that would mean the world, stay in touch.


    1. Hey, I just got this in my spam along with 25 other comments. I will read it this weekend. I am preparing for a long night out at a sweet sixteen. firned rented a hall and stuff. Almost like a wedding. Don’t ever be shy about suggestion a read, you should know me by now. I will get to it this weekend. Thanks

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