If Tomorrow Never Comes


If Tomorrow Never Comes


What would you do today
If tomorrow never comes
Will you find a good seat
To admire the final sunset
Would you appreciate the
things you took for granted
who will you hold one final
time when forever arrives
lets make time to forgive
and share a day of world peace
as we live eternity tonight
If tomorrow never comes


While researching magazines to submit my writing, I discovered the need for sci-fi poetry. The inspiration for this post comes from my reading of a NEO (near Earth object), an asteroid destined to pass the Earth on Friday, April 13, 2029. Β When it was first discovered in December 2004, NASA estimated the asteroid (named 99942 Apophis) had a 2.7% chance of slamming into the Earth. Β We now know this asteroid will be a near miss.

Photo taken from Pixabay.


162 thoughts on “If Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. Shouldn’t we be sending out a group of convicts to destroy the asteroid before it gets too close? Or, since I hear we’ll be mining asteroids in the future, shouldn’t we be going there to get what we need before it goes past and disappears with whatever goodies it has?
    I worry that I’m the only one thinking of these things before tomorrow.

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  2. Very thought-provoking. Life is far too short to take anything or anyone for granted… too short to be cruel or petty… too short to hold back love and forgiveness… and too short to never say yes to the cheesecake. Asteroid or not, we never know if today could be our last. Sad, I suppose, but also inspiring.

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    1. Smiling. Thank you. It would be special to watch that final sunset, but would that sunset be any more beautiful than the one most people ignore every day? Thanks for reading and contributing your thoughts to this post.


  3. This is a gorgeous poem, Mr. Poet. It makes me think about what is really valuable and what is worth protecting, cherishing.

    “share a day of world peace
    as we live eternity tonight
    If tomorrow never comes”

    Imagine if everyone lived this way, thinking it might be the very end.

    What was it you were saying about comparing your poetry and mine? You measure high on the chart, sir. I am enchanted.

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    1. Thank you. The world would be a better place if we did live like that. I imagine knowing it was the final day, the world would no longer be full of hate or envy. There would be a new understanding and acceptance.

      As for the poetry, your poem is rich in images. It was beautiful. I will be happy to read yours any day. Thanks

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      1. Good question. I’d spend the rest of my last day with my loved ones. If I have never told someone I love them, I would tell them, a hundred times. πŸ™‚ Yourself?

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  4. I read the first line of your poem as when I clicked on it I asked myself :what would I do? An image of the the sun setting in Ibiza is what came to the forefront of my mind and then I read line 3 and 4 and thought I’m onto a good thing here. :0 thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for the reblog. And thanks for your stopping by to read and comment. Being a New Yorker, your comments remind me of September 11th. How many couples failed to say good bye that morning because they had an argument the previous night. Life is too short. Thank you. I will keep everyone posted.

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  5. How odd that you wrote this, just a few days ago I was researching online about these NEOs and thought: how frightening. Suddenly everything could be wiped out. Luckily I believe the soul travels on somewhere else, together with loved ones hopefully.
    This is a beautiful poem who stirs up thoughts about our life and existence. Great job. xo

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    1. Yes, the scenario of the Bruce Willis movie Armageddon is possible. I like your thoughts about the soul. I hate the thought that the sould shuts down with the body. Thank you for reading and for your profound thoughts. xoxo

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      1. No worries, friend. We will live on. As you may know from my poems, etc, I’ve already lived a thousand years, so I am pretty tired. πŸ™‚ But I am up for a hundred more years or so….
        πŸ™‚ There is no way ever that everything goes “black”. There will be a sequel to this life, rest assured. xoxo

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  6. It is difficult to face mortality. It is hard to believe that our fast paced lives will ultimately result in a final state of silence and peace. The words sound good to the ear; the emotions seem to repel the idea.
    This poem gave me something to think about. Thank you.

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  7. I’ll be sure to send my stalker up in a make shift Asteroid chaser and he will surely annoy the shit out of it and keep it light years away and make the world a more gas free planet in the process by ridding a nasally voiced gas filled puke head.:)

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          1. If more people knew I would have a lot of happy people. I kept it low key so that not many wold cross over and the idiot would find this site. He has my other url and checks mainly 4 women and otherwise if they respond here I talk straight in case he is that lame:)

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              1. No problem. I sincerely would doubt he would follow people but he somehow got into my comments, got 3 women’s email addresses and IPs and then looked up everything in their profile and their posts. Which made the women write more. At the time I was concerned. Now I have my sister saying she is moving which is good bc I can’t. If she doesn’t it will be very awkward.

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                  1. It has not been easy. I have to keep all valuables in a tiny room because 4 years ago after a horrific hit n run my sister thought I was drunk all the time as opposed to being heavily sedated and have a massive concussion, among several things. Mind you, her and her bf are accident attorneys and couldn’t tell or use their brain. I had 90 percent of what I owned thrown out. I sequester myself upstairs over the weekend to avoid a dumb remark that will have him in the hospital or worse and me arrested. Listening to them but a deadbolt lock on for 2.5 hours was priceless. As was me making him look like an ass. Oh I can find your blog by your name and town. Oh really? Said show me and my sister. Poof page 11. Shit for brains. But he was taught very well about computers and I am re learning and progressing the same way I am trying with my writing. I think she lied and is not moving. Bc if she did I would be the landlord over an (a) squatting house or (b) renting house. I will present the owner if she wants to wait 6 months with no money that’s fine but I will advise her of the tenant laws. I would be able to make money living here instead of renting a room in the worst place with 3 months security and then some. It is bad.

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  8. You certainly inspired quite a response with this. I think I would head to my lake home and enjoy the ripples of the lake, the breeze in the pines and one last sunset with my family

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  9. Indeed. Last moments on earth, a strikingly real possibility. Sci-fi poetry – YES!! I’m a huge fan, I need to start delving into this myself. I’ve only seen a little pulled off successfully, and was thrilled by it. Let’s seek out this new challenge together – what shall we write about? πŸ™‚

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      1. Just a little from my lovely friend Eric at Sword & Shield. (Not sure if you follow.) He captures it very well. Let me fetch a link…

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              1. Glad to help. Personally I don’t even know what the hell I’m trying to do, but I’m sure having a lot of fun trying. To do something. Seriously though, let’s give it a go.

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                    1. What I meant by that was all these places that I could submit to want ‘previously unpublished’ work. I need to determine if publishing right here, on my personal blog, counts. What do you think?

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                    2. What I send in to magazines and contest are altered fro my original writes. I figure if I get a bite I would just removed them from my blog. (I don’t know if that is acceptable). Also, I am not advertising I am a blogger to avoid them finding my work. Don’t know if that makes sense either.

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                    3. I like this plan very much. Makes sense to me! I’m like a little kid, once I’ve finished something I’m dying to share it. πŸ™‚

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  10. how interesting!

    I don’t kno!
    no one knows
    life is short
    or long!
    but living like a human is important I say!
    A good being
    A good heart
    Good sights!

    “Bein good” ; “doin good” is best thing Andrew!
    Most imp thing I guess!

    I m with ur words!



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  11. Hmmm.. Eat and drink my favourite things.. Spend time with(By 2029,God willing!) my future family, intimate time with the future husband/partner… Have a party of sorts and smoke a joint.. Or five!! I’ll be so high by the time the meteor hits,I won’t feel a thing! Hahaha!

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