My Asylum


My Asylum

With every passing day
sweet delusions of you
stroke my fragile psyche
you make me so paranoid
the men in white jackets
are always coming for me

Doc suggested a lobotomy
since hypnosis will never
successfully separate us two
Your loving drives me crazy
I converse with the strange
voices in my head about you

You have me crossing lines
beyond the edge of madness
as your kisses leave me numb
Doctors say Iโ€™m a case study
they refuse to acknowledge
your sweet love is my asylum.


Photo taken from Google Images.


124 thoughts on “My Asylum

    1. I really enjoyed it too, this guy truly has talent. I’m hoping he will comment on my stories, because they really are touchy issues, we’ve got topics at gastradamus ranging from obese women suing KFC, talks about Abe Lincoln, there’s rumors flying around about Tobey coming back as Spiderman, there’s even people complaining about owners not picking up after their dogs droppings. Please if you would check out my blog at Gadtradamus. The blog is taking off and you can be part of this rollercoaster ride.

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    1. The picture really is a magical skeptical of a mad man. It flow like the river runs through it, but much better. Anyway if you have the chance Sasha, our blog Gastradamus would really like your input, will be honest. The people at Gastradamus would like to know what Sasha thinks

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  1. This is so true! Love does make us crazy! The photo reminds me… have you heard of Beauty In Decay? It’s a photography series featuring abandoned spaces. It’s really cool. There are a few old hospitals and asylums in the collection!

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  2. Andrew! You already know how I feel about this post…good thing I read it in the morning, I’ve got all day to think about nice things and hot men! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll probably watch a Disney movie tonight, just to be on the safe side! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Still a great post, yet a bit scary. Lol – reminded me of Shutter Island, that was a bit freaky.

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      1. I think my eyes were closed through half of the movie! Yikes, and the nightmares ensue. Andrew, you would not catch me walking down that corridor- I’d be scarred for life.

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  3. This sounds like thoughts from a horror movie where the victim is sitting in a straight jacket in a padded cell alienated from reality and consumed by tormented emotions.
    Interestingly, this convoluted thinking exists in our real world.

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  4. I really an impressed with this topic, for a minute it kind of had that “one flew over the co CO’s nest” feel to it. Taking a comment like that should be a great honor, but it is what I foresee. I always see a Gastradamus taking off. The amount of view we are having per hour is skyrocketing. Please as a personal favor to me, comment or review my stories and i know people will come, I always liked field of dreams, how do you feel about that movie?

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