Love With A Metaphor


Love With A Metaphor

Take a look at me
I’m a simple simile
Take a look at her
She’s a metaphor
What can I tell you
About my love
She is like no other
No one can compare
What have I done
To deserve this fate
Why do I love a she who
Is too good for little me
Gods of Poetry why
be so unkind to this
simple simile to make
me love a metaphor

Photo taken from Google Images.

185 thoughts on “Love With A Metaphor

      1. Oh yes, absolutely! Love just needs a connect, just a little spark. Doesn’t matter who are at the opposite ends. And if it’s destined, that tiny spark will turn into a wildfire that has every chance to burn both the simile and the metaphor until none of the euphemism remains. And then my friend, love in all its dysphemic glory and essence will follow!
        P.S. Oh I can make this into my new post. Lol!

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          1. Thanks you dear friend. Well, what’s there not to love, yeah? Except maybe that I’m taken. Hahaha (You know I’m kidding, right? Not about the ‘taken’ though!) 😉

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              1. I love it when I can make poets laugh :). Ok, I’m taking the above comment and making something out of it, ok? Meanwhile, read twilight! 🙂

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  1. Cute and sweet and really making me work too hard to remember the differences between similes and metaphors. School was a long time ago for some of us, remember, lol. So you’re not as good as her because she’s more exacting, right? Isn’t that right????

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  2. Oh, I absolutely love this one, Andrew! What a wonderful way to express this idea!

    Love the idea that she’s a metaphor (“like no other”), and the way the whole poem is a metaphor for the relationship…

    Brilliant! 🙂

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    1. You are sending me to the clouds with your comments. Thank you. You are the frist person to point out the poem was a metaphor about the relationship. I so wish this beautiful metaphor could fall in love with the simple simile. Thank you for your kind words. You made my day.

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    1. LOL Not sure if any work would have been accomplished if I were the teacher. Don’t know how much you watch movies, but Allie and my Ex have always said I would have been a Robin Williams type of teacher. Teaching through laughter.

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    1. That is my girl. Sometimes a simple guy, with no complications, make for the perfect mate. Simile will love, treasure, and be devoted to Metaphor. Then the could do the wild thing and have hear the pitter patter of little analogies running around the house. Thank you my dear. Your visits are always so special.

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  3. Heyyyyyyy there, it’s been so long. Good to be back (well, almost back 🙂 ). Great little poem. I can empathize. Believe me. I’ve had my dark days even when I’ve been like, “Oh God, I’m a cancer in his bones.” Then again, my mom always did call me melodramatic. Hahah. I’m sure that she and you make the perfect poetic paragraph.

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  4. hey dear dew !!.how can a Godess can be unkind for u as talented poet n soft hearted guy?if u r a simple simile automaticaly ur metaphore r for u as for all writers.dt metaphore take a shape coz of poet.they can never separate from each other like poet n his imagination n as pen and dairy.they r melted spritualy into each other.then,why r u worried n sitting alone on a rock at d sea ?u know dew dt all writers r gifted bt unknown about thier abilites.they r always thirsty n wander in miraaj.

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  5. Simile and metaphor, i guess it’s never about how good is the one for the other, but about how good could they bring out together, you know as you said ,analogies:) Loved it.


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