Let’s Pretend

My friends there’s so much happening for me this week (good and bad), I won’t be present in Blogworld very much.  This may or may not be my only post of the week.  I will answer comments sporadically. And my reading of your posts will be limited.  I expect ro return with a vegeance on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Be well.


Let’s Pretend

On some nights nostalgia
drenches us with memories
like a warm summer rain
as we wear moments that
became lifelong accessories

Hey, do you still remember
when we played pretend
the hours seemed to pass
in micro seconds on days
we swore would never end

now recollections of our past
resemble old faded Polaroids
swinging swings we swung
overdosing on cotton candy
mischief we couldn’t avoid

wouldn’t it be wonderful
to live young and care free
relive magical afternoons
of our youth like the days
you pretended to love me

Photo taken from Google Images


204 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend

  1. why did u write “Let’sPretend”?have u any problems from dear allie or ur beloved?r they all fine?my dear dew !! nobody can live a restful life from pretending.a true n spritual love is not needed to pretend.from ur decision;i m disturbing last three/four days.if u have decided to go;why did u come on my site.r u going far from me to give me as alone waiting ?what is happend of ur funny nature who made happy all guys?plz reply.oh my aries dew.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. That’s good to know baby
            I won’t lie to you

            With all your trips this year I thought. ..he’ll forget about me at some point!
            I say lol here but I have been anxious!


            1. happy.
              i almost let the cat out of the bag.
              I started replying to you as if it were in privacy
              then I realized that was your comment.


              happy you, thi poem was written for my muse who only concentrates on her flaws and insecurities. and she hasn’t accepted the fact that Lonely Author loves her. She keeps worrying that this is going to end when they have any time apart, and it is not going to happen, but I FAIL to convince her.



              1. Laughing my little head off. Now that would have been dangerous if you did let the cat out of the bag but pretty effing funny.

                I mean. ..oh shush.

                I know you love me.
                But these little jagged pieces of mine keep scratching me!
                I’m convinced.
                Or maybe I just like it when you try to convince me more lol


                  1. It might.
                    But I can’t resist.

                    Hmm…so deep that it consumes every minute of my day, asleep or awake.
                    Touches every cell of my body.
                    So deep it drives every beat my heart makes.
                    So deep every word i write is because of you.
                    Deeper than you can even imagine.
                    So deep that I sleep thinking of your lips kissing mine endlessly and I wake with butterflies because I get to fall in love with everyday, all over again.


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