Forever Ballerina

Here is another reblog for those who missed it the first time.

Happy Wednesday. Be well.

The Lonely Author


Forever Ballerina

There goes the silver haired lady

She moves with an unsteady gait

A cane keeps her from falling

A brace supports her extra weight

Teenagers mock the decrepit lady

Complain she moves too damn slow

Make callous jokes about her posture

They swear they will never grow old

Memories shield her from the insults

Always wears a smile upon her face

She goes home to ballerina slippers

To recall a time she moved with grace

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65 thoughts on “Forever Ballerina

      1. I hope I am wrong, but I have a strange feeling you are not too smiley today. Earlier in the week you said you would be busy and had to take care of some things – good and bad. I hope the bad is over and the rest of the week is good. Sad Chimps make this brunette sad. Sending positive thoughts your way, Andrew! 😀

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        1. Laughing. It has been exhausting. And I feel very guilty on my reading of my friend’s blogs. So, many of my comments have been short to save every second to move onto the next post. So, it may seem as if it is a bad day. The truly horrible day was yesterday. Thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes. I can see the weekend in the horizon.

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          1. No need to feel that way, you told everyone it was going to be a busy week and you had a lot to do. I’m glad yesterday has come and gone then. Sounds like you are in need of a fun weekend song – if you are up for it…the weekend by Eden xo. It is a fun pop song, I don’t know if you would like it, might be the wrong generation, and if that’s the case, you don’t have to listen to it. I hope you have a great relaxing weekend and get to spend it with Allie! 😀

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  1. This is great, I remember this one and I’m happy you reposted it. I think we are as old as we think we are. For me, I’m 85 but feel like I’m 25 😛 and I think I look pretty darn good for 85 😉 LOL. That little invention that comes in a bottle for grey hair is a lifesaver! I seriously can’t live without it, nor will I even try to! 🙂 Hope you are laughing now, it’s Wednesday and the week is half over 🙂 Always remember… positive vibes 🙂

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          1. Count on me, anytime you need a long distance laugh. I’m very inexpensive, you know. As for cuteness, it’s really not about cuteness. The uglier the ass, the better the message to old age homes and folks who send their elders there. If my kids tomorrow even so much of a mention old age home or nursing home to me, I’m gonna send pictures of my wrinkled badass to all of them. Lol. And Andrew, chin up to whatever is stressing you out of even if you are all well! I’m sure your ass is lovely but who cares as long as your heart is beautiful, right?.

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              1. In that case, don’t move your lovely ass for another couple of minutes ok? I’m forcing you to read what I’m about to post. Yeah yeah, I’m very obnoxious 😉

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  2. My wife is a ballerina. In her heart, in her soul. She is actually an English professor, but she is a ballerina. at least three times a week she dons her pink and black and comes home with tales of the barre. She is 61. Today she had a friend come in who is in her 70’s. They’d given her a shunt for medication. She told them “Just don’t put it where it will get ion the way at ballet.” They are none of them spring chickens. They are all fir and happy. And they are all ballerinas that the teenagers they once were roll their eyes at them, that companies from Balanchine to ABT to Joffrey once cared for. Beautifully said, well told. The photgraph is worth a thousand words.

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    1. We are what we feel in our heart. I will always be a writer, even when in my senile old age I will be a writer. Thanks for sharing yoiur story. I appreciate that. And thanks for stopping by to read. Have a great weekend.


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