Haunted Ballet


Haunted Ballet

Emma the prima ballerina
Moved with sweet elegance
With her every pirouette in
the gloomy haunted theatre

Emma danced alone for an
audience that wasn’t there
cause she failed to see spirits
sitting in every empty chair

After every ballet she danced
she shivered with cold delight
as the loudest applause echoed
throughout the macabre halls

Emma become depressed as her
image displayed the creepy truth
when she saw her sad reflection
strangers occupied her mirrors

Image taken from Pinterest


125 thoughts on “Haunted Ballet

  1. A twist on ballet – a bit macabre but so brilliant. Poor Emma. And in its way, true.
    I loved ballet as a kid, danced my heart out, couldn’t wait to be en pointe. Always imagined myself taller, thinner, prettier, more graceful, the prima ballerina. Didn’t come true for me either, haunted by my limited talent.
    But passion? I had plenty of that.

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    1. Thank you. Allie found the image and challenged me to write something for it. My daughter tried it too, but she wasn’t passionate about it. Thankfully, Catherine discovered her true passion – anthropology. And you have found your too.


  2. Hauntingly beautiful. Sometimes we have to dance for ourselves, not expecting other people to clap for us. I wish Emma would smile at her own reflection when she looked in the mirror.

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    1. Thank you. I rarely write anything like this, but my wife prompted me with that image. Thanks for reading and your kind words. I appreciate it. (And perhaps there is a story in here). Thanks


  3. The picture and the poem align beautifully. Creates a chill while reading and a need to look around to reinforce the existence of a real world. You effectively captured a new style of writing. Well done.

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              1. Good 🙂 I’m learning my new laptop, which has a camera–so I wanted to take a pic of the cheesecake I baked for a recipe post, right? Well, I just couldn’t have my face in the shot, uh-uh, no-way…so all you’ll see is the very lovely cheesecake 🙂

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