Longing To Belong To You


Longing To Belong To You


We won’t ever see forever
never live our lives in love
a depressing finale so final
my beating heart so beaten
and longing to belong to you





188 thoughts on “Longing To Belong To You

      1. Get it out Andrew. Don’t TRY to write. Jyst let it out. Even if the damned words make no sense. Then your block will go. Be bloody minded lol

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                  1. I jyst dud that, I thoght she wasn’t going to post for a few months so I neverbtook amlook until just now. I want to support you both

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                    1. Bless you. Write write write and write the pain out. I for one am listening
                      I an goung to sleep now. Talk tomirrow if you are around xx

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  1. Wow.
    Eff. Me.

    I am just going to do a bit of browsing of you this morning and I was scrolling down trying to get to the beginning and my little eyes caught a glimpse of this.. how are you this beautiful even in heart break.
    My beating heart so beaten…
    Gorgeous and fuck…I don’t know…more words


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