Longing To Belong To You


Longing To Belong To You


We won’t ever see forever
never live our lives in love
a depressing finale so final
my beating heart so beaten
and longing to belong to you





188 thoughts on “Longing To Belong To You

  1. But we’ll embroid the nights of love
    Each day with pieces of you and me,
    We will erupt dormant volcanoes
    And deep in secret lava hide the key.

    This was so beautifully sad… Hugs to you!!! And thank you for the inspiration! πŸ™‚

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  2. Deep words my friend. Deep indeed. I think you need a refreshment. Check out the new “Mountain Dew Green Screen” @ Gastradamus. Your comments and feedback would be appreciated. Keep it up

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  3. So sad… That was unexpected. I mean, you have written sad before, and done it well, but this one feels almost “heavy” with it… Perhaps because it is so brief…?

    Or perhaps it is merely the lines: “a depressing finale so final, my beating heart so beaten…”

    Or maybe I’m just feeling a little like that myself today, and your words have captured that mood perfectly…

    In any event, an emotionally charged and evocative work. Well done, sir!

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      1. Well, you have to be a real writer to know how to deal with that…Ha.
        I guess it didn’t go through. I checked my “sent mail” and it wasn’t there. It’s probably just as well…you would think I was a complete and total moron.
        It’s getting ready to storm here…write about a tempest..

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      1. Drew, you know what I would love for you to write about? The process of screen play development. We talked about it a long time ago… I “see” my writing and I’d love to put some of it in screen play format but wouldn’t know where to begin! Would you ever want to talk about it here on your blog? I’d really be interested!

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