The Day I Met You


The Day I Met You

When I first heard
your sweet voice
I realized that we
were meant to be

When I first felt
your touch I knew
nothing would ever
be the same again

When your sweet
lips caressed mine
I discovered I never
had been kissed before

now, your undying
love always reminds
me I wasn’t born β€˜til
the day I met you

Had to return to my roots.

Photo of Allie (2010) Β married but living apart, waiting for the Immgration processing of our paper work. She sent me this pic via email to cheer me up.

169 thoughts on “The Day I Met You

  1. Mojo’s back!!! You are so sappy and I like every bit of your sappiness. There, I’m out of the closet, I like poetry!! πŸ˜€
    You have a beautiful wife and an amazing bond. It is so nice to see this in a world filled with so many meaningless marriages where love, respect and no longer exist.

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  2. I m as puzzled dt allie is trying for immigration.may be d meaning of freedom in western culture in dis type.u also say her-chalo ik baar fir se ajanabi ban jaayen humdono (hey ! Let become we both stranger like before first meeting once again.)

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      1. πŸ™‚
        To be honest, I’m intrigued. I had thought both of you to be Americans until you posted about how she’s been a superhero in your life. That should make for a nice screenplay too, I presume. πŸ™‚

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  3. You guys have such a wonderful and inspiring story, you should really consider compiling all of these writings together and connecting everything for a book.Even an indie book, people eat this stuff up!

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  4. p.s. Google, (in it’s infinite wisdom) has already been kind enough to “hook” up the videos you made for Allie, to “the lonely author,” by the way.
    They did a similar thing to me too.
    Why not use that to your advantage? Especially if you did compile everything, it would be amazing promotion!
    Just saying…..
    p.p.s. The bill for my specialized marketing advice is in the mail. lol πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m finally done, what a crazy usual Friday for me, sorry for the late reply! I’m really happy you are simplifying things Andrew, this is the best way and the more you break things down into chunks the less stressful it is as well. I can see what you’re doing is working so that’s amazing. You too have a great weekend, I hope it stays sunny πŸ™‚

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  5. Aww, such a sweet post and beautiful picture. Maybe you could post more on your whole process of dealing with Immigration and all. I assumed you got married in the US but was it the DR? And then she couldn’t return with you? That breaks my heart!

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  6. Aaaawwww!!! If I was Allie, I’d be suspect! But after all you guys have been through, there clearly is no reason to be… is clearly in full bloom!!

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