She Is That Song


She Is That Song

She is that song
you just can’t get
out of your head
the melody you
hum when you
forget the words
she is the tempo
that will move to
your heart’s beat
with gentle lyrics
to sooth your soul
and move your feet
she’s a symphony
the delicate hymn
my heart listens to
She is that song


Photo taken from Google Images

250 thoughts on “She Is That Song

    1. Smiling. Diane, I feel so much better creatively. (dying from severe back pain, but in the write place mentally). I feel like I am back. Thank you for your kind words and great support. You are a friend to be treasured. Thank you.

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      1. I am so sorry you’re in pain! Is there nothing to be done? I know that pain meds are not always helpful and sometimes have worse side effects but PT isn’t helping? Or have you maxed out your visits? Sometimes insurance is horrible with that. But your writing is wonderful, wishing you pain-free days and nights soon! ❤

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        1. Yeah, meds have bad side effects. PT is pretty maxed out. At this point it helped all it could. The writing is where I forget my pains and sorrows. And since I found my mojo under the sofa cushions I am well creatively. So, it’s all good. Thank you.

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      1. hey dew.i m well n hope u too are well n better.u r right said dt a good woman is like a good song.whole family is depended on a good woman while a bad woman is scatterd all rythm of a song(family).women r best creation of God.m i right?plz reply.

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  1. Thanks to WorstPress I’m missing a lot of beatiful things and this is one of them, what a romantic downpour of beauty! I love it! Wow – a truly romantic delving – it is rare to get it just right, but you do my friend

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  2. I wanted to say a couple of things and every time I write to you here I think, I wonder what sea of comments mine will get lost in, lol.
    So Mr Sleepy author. Firstly, yesterday when we were talking and I randomly said, “couplet. To continue.” And you quizzically said oooookay I realised what I said sounded like nonsense. I just meant, “go to that couplet of mine where we were talking rather boldly so that I may continue sharing my intimate thoughts with you, my Lonely Author” but instead blah blah blah came out. All I said was, “yesterday yes” on said post, by which I meant, yesterday yes, it was a good things that you were in my mind. Lol. Good or baaaad, depending on how you take things, lol.
    What else? You’re Latino, right? Is Spanish your first or second language? Or perfectly fluent in both? Greek is the same for me, though obviously English is my mother tongue since I was born and raised up to 14 years old in the UK. My point being…do you know the song Contigo en la distancia? Calm down, I am not declaring undying love for you, I only ask because I love Latin music. LOVE it. (And I go a little crazy nuts for raggaeton) And that song , I’ve loved it for over 15 years since I heard Christina Aguilera singing it on her Spanish album. Don’t roll your eyes at me! And when I was singing in a duo a few years ago, it was my fave song to sing. So beautiful. Just wondering if you knew it.
    Also…sometimes when I scroll through your posts to choose a sneaky one to talk to you from I read a few comments and obviously stumble upon some between you and our mutual friend and honestly , I wonder if you see that sometimes she would speak to you in a somewhat cold and a little controlling way… makes me a bit sad. Sorry if that’s stepping over a line, I just say what I see. I know that way of talking to someone very well.
    But to end on a nice note, here’s a little warm kiss.
    Have a beautiful day ❤️

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    1. Yeah, that couplet thing went over my head. Actually both heads. Gotcha.

      Born and bred New Yorker. Parents were from Havana Cuba. If I had to grade myself on my ability to speak I would say American English 100%. Spanish between 90 an 95%.
      I like to whisper Spanish when I am having sex.

      I had the Aguilera song in my old phone. I recently bought a new one, so I have to build up this play list.

      As for the comments from her. I was blind. A complete idiot and fool. Feel free to say what you want. You may find comments from some of her “friends” who said things like we knew this was going to happen.

      She has done this to many others before me.
      She gets off on it. And controlling is an understatement, Just like the words jealous.
      I couldn’t speak to women.

      Me not speaking to women. That is like asking the sun to stop shining. That is why she started answering comments on my blog to separate me from the ladies.

      But I will say this. When I love, I want my love interest to feel and understand she is the only woman in the world for me.
      Eyes only for her.

      Our friend took advantage of that.

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      1. I’m sorry…

        I understand you. Truly.

        You are who you are. People need to take or leave it. Not control it. It’s all part of you, and why you shine so blindingly bright and effing hot 😉

        Both heads.

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                    1. I got it, beautiful. Loved every, single, word. But I can’t respond now. Around 6 or 7 pm my time. I have much to say. All of which both your heads will love. Or like. Or whatever 😉❤️

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                    2. Forgive me. I would never usually take so long but as I will tell you very soon, life is beyond fucking complicated so I GET YOu so much… I promise . Dying to write. And I will very soon.
                      Hot and warm kisses…

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                    3. I’m about to write to you. It’s going to be long. Get comfy. And put something on your lap .
                      This is just a little appetizer and another heartfelt sorry for not responding for like 45 minutes… I never want you to worry

                      So this is a deep, deep kiss .

                      You know, with tongues and stuff

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                    4. It’s my little one’s bed time, so that will take me about 30 or 40 mins. I’ll be back then and until then, stressing as to whether you still want to talk to me after seeing a glimpse of my insanity

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                    1. So…I know you are not around. I should be asleep too. I’ll just say this (hopefully it gets lost in the sea of comments you receive every 5 mins and I won’t have to be too embarrassed when/if you read it)

                      I had actually a felt something for you for quite a while. ..Before you said that you felt something in your email and I said some things back. But back then, I always tried to block it out or ignore it because of many things, not least because it made no sense.
                      So sometimes if I seem a little befuddled or all over the place, it’s only because you make me feel very warm and feverish and a little insane and. .. other things.


                      Sweet dreams and so much. .


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