She Is That Song


She Is That Song

She is that song
you just can’t get
out of your head
the melody you
hum when you
forget the words
she is the tempo
that will move to
your heart’s beat
with gentle lyrics
to sooth your soul
and move your feet
she’s a symphony
the delicate hymn
my heart listens to
She is that song


Photo taken from Google Images


165 thoughts on “She Is That Song

    1. Smiling. Diane, I feel so much better creatively. (dying from severe back pain, but in the write place mentally). I feel like I am back. Thank you for your kind words and great support. You are a friend to be treasured. Thank you.

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      1. I am so sorry you’re in pain! Is there nothing to be done? I know that pain meds are not always helpful and sometimes have worse side effects but PT isn’t helping? Or have you maxed out your visits? Sometimes insurance is horrible with that. But your writing is wonderful, wishing you pain-free days and nights soon! ❤

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        1. Yeah, meds have bad side effects. PT is pretty maxed out. At this point it helped all it could. The writing is where I forget my pains and sorrows. And since I found my mojo under the sofa cushions I am well creatively. So, it’s all good. Thank you.

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      1. hey dew.i m well n hope u too are well n better.u r right said dt a good woman is like a good song.whole family is depended on a good woman while a bad woman is scatterd all rythm of a song(family).women r best creation of God.m i right?plz reply.

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  1. Thanks to WorstPress I’m missing a lot of beatiful things and this is one of them, what a romantic downpour of beauty! I love it! Wow – a truly romantic delving – it is rare to get it just right, but you do my friend

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