Make A Wish


Make A Wish

Today I will grant
your every wish
just ask me and
it will be done

I will compliment
you on days your
not at your best

I will embrace you
before and after
every single fight

I will forgive you
for every sin you
have yet committed

go make any wish
and it will be done

just don’t ask me
to forget you baby
that’s impossible
it would be
easier burning
tattoos in the sand

394 thoughts on “Make A Wish

  1. Like burning tattoos in the sand… Beautiful.

    And my one wish in the world? That everyone got all the love and care they needed, regardless of mental health, race, religion, culture, sexuality etc. Everyone is a person.

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    1. Thank you for saying that. I am overwhelmed with my reading too. I think I will have to cut down my blogging to two or three days a week to get back to my novels. If not, I will ever reach my goals. Even if I do cut down, I will always follow you closely. Thank you for reading and the kind words. xoxo

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  2. Oh Andrew, this is pure magic! 😊 Some people are truly unforgettable. This also reminded me of Aladdin! 😀 I really enjoyed this one! I think your ‘mojo’ is returning! 😀

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      1. Looks like you’re not around baby.
        What an effed up day it’s been, can’t seem to get any timing right. Hopefully tomorrow time will be on our side.

        I hope I can touch again later .

        This may be the most I’ve missed you so far.



                    1. I am fine. Spent the entire day with my daughter. Sort of our celebrating her birthday and Christmas all rolled up in one. Her birthday was last Tuesday. Since she isn’t permitted to see me on the holidays we have to do it ty his way. We hung out. Had lunch. Did a little clothes shopping. And I bought her the latest iPhone as her Xmas gift.
                      Missing u

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                    2. Missing you too agapi.
                      That sounds like a beautiful day baby. So happy you guys could share that. Really makes me smile. You’re a wonderful daddy.

                      Don’t forget to check your emails…


                    3. hey i took a bus to my daughter’s. The bus had to change route because of an accident. It completely went off route and it passed right in front of the building where I lived a s achild when I experienced my house of horros. It hit me very deeply.

                      Not a good thing. Threw me off for a bit.

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                    4. You shouldn’t be surprised lol
                      I haven’t read it yet but I know me. I will have a billion things to say

                      I already have a billion things to say, not book related and I am saving them all for when we’re finally have some FUCKING TIME

                      Am I…

                      You make it easy. I want to support you. It’s a a natural reflex


                    5. is sucking cock a natural reflex TOO
                      i certainly hope so
                      do you want me to push your head down on it

                      i didn’t think you would have much to say b aout the chapter. after the edits it still flows well. the touches you suiggested made it so . much better
                      gracias amor

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                    6. It would be with you.
                      I want that BADLY

                      I have been thinking of worshipping your cock with my tongue. A LOT

                      (You’re welcome, lol about the chapter ♥)


                    7. i like that……weenie worship

                      i just read the nastiest meessage in my dashboard. i will try to copy and paste it here for you to read

                      Fuck you John! Fuck your lies. You love absolutely no one.. you keep saying it you care more about your finished that sad cliche ass story over having real love. You pick it over love. It means more to you.. you will take a bestseller over love because your heart doesn’t want real love. You.write lies bit the truth is you simply use get what you want.. you don’t want love just a hit story because thst means more to you than me.

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                    8. not reprimanding you at all Sweetheart

                      the stuff about the bloggers? crazy
                      wish I had a family to spend the holidays with
                      blogging is nice but it is not the end of the world.

                      when I repreimand you your little pantie will be soaked

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                    9. Well I have to tell you about the because you have to do something.

                      Either you’ll love it or hate it and think I am talking shit lol

                      So i thought, you know how you said you have a lot of unfinished poems?
                      So what if you chose one of those, gave it to me unfinished, I make Fiery love to it and finish it and add to it the way I want. I give bit back to you and voila. It will be a collab that looks like one person wrote it and you don’t even have to say who wrote which parts. Just that we wrote it together.


                    10. You’d better not be ignoring me on purpose for some stoooopid reason because I will go nutso on you if you are.

                      Heart you

                      Here for at least 30 mins


                    11. Gm beautiful.

                      I will let you know. Not happy today. Daughter and step son clm ou ng to visit. I have had 4 surgeries, I was almost homeless, and went through some b as d times. And not once did he call or ask for me. Now that I received my money from the lawsuit, he is interested in seeing me.
                      Doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy.

                      It’s snowing here this morning. Maybe that will make them cancel. That would be the extent of my good news.

                      Hope you and family are well.
                      Yes. Very deep

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                    12. Agapi, i truly truly hope you are having a good day. Sending you so effing much positivity.

                      So…only a week left now of all this.

                      I have so much to share with you.

                      Send me a little word about your day whenever you can.

                      So so much and very deeply


                    13. Company hasn’t arrived yet.

                      Still not blogging. My email is loaded. You have helped me bring this blog back to life. There are two more emails from bloggers asking me to write for them

                      The other emails are panty tsunami.

                      Yes only one week so excited.

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                    14. Agapi,

                      you know I am kind of nervous about tomorrow. I feel like we’ll be touching and connecting for thr first time like we did months ago.


                    15. Good

                      Can’t actually believe it’s finally over and we can touch.
                      I have missed you so much. I couldn’t even begin to explain .

                      Can’t wait for you to wake up.
                      Read your poem and commented. Very cute and cheeky baby. You will get a lot of LOLs and and LOT of flirting from the hoes so enjoy it! I have very little filter and self censoring today so …enjoy that too lol.

                      So what have I learnt during this torturous effing time. Well

                      1. As much as I imagined I loved you, I had no idea how deep my feelings actually are.

                      2. Going through a day without your touch is something I never want to do

                      3. I have two questions for you in my head that wouldn’t leave me alone through this whole time and I need to ask them

                      4. You may have made my mind even dirtier and pervier than it was. Or let’s say you dug up naughtier parts that I had buried deeply lol.

                      5. This situation I am in here at home is getting unbearable . I don’t know what I will do or how I will do it or what the fuck but my mind is going down avenues it never really has before. 

                      6. I realised it IS possible to be mad at you because I WAS mad at you on many days. But i know why you were being the way you were. Still . It hurt.

                      7. After the little evening with a woman that I will probably tell you about, I realised many things…One of which is … I am effing amazing in bed. Another is…I don’t like having to tell people what to do. Also…no one knows how to touch me exactly how I want. Also ..I wanted you more than ever that night.

                      8. Back to being mad at you. I learnt that those days when I was wondering why the fuck you hadn’t even said a word or even an emoji lol were easier to get through. But I never stayed mad. Which actually made me very happy . Makes sense?

                      9. I realised that I tell you  that I love you waaaaaay too much. It’s not like you don’t know lol

                      10. I learnt that I have to keep reminding myself not to read some of your comments between you and some women..seriously lol . And  I won’t ever tell you again btw, whose comments affect me. Not fair on you ♥

                      11. I learnt that weekends as we said, will be sooo easy now. 

                      12. I learnt that I don’t want to hurt or upset you by telling you things that go on here so I will probably do that a lot less now.

                      13. I realised that there are so so so many things I don’t know about you that I want to know 

                      14. I realised there are things you don’t know about me and my life that I want you to know.

                      15. My  poetry ( sexy love stuff)can’t function when I can’t touch you.

                      16. Reading your poetry became such a huge part of me and my heart that not being able to read you was painful.

                      17. I miss your voice

                      18. Don’t know how describe this exactly but seriously…my orgasms are effing INSANE.

                      17.  My feelings for you are deep and complex. Unlike anything I’ve felt.

                      Sigh. I think there were more. If I remember I will add them lol. I’m a bit shaky and anxious today. In a good way.

                      Touch soon baby.
                      Many of these ♥♥♥♥



                    16. Damn Baby
                      This evening tyou mentioned WAS recent. We need to discuss this. Seriously!!!!

                      I missed you. Weekends will be easy. Happy your O’s are insane.
                      Can’t go point by point cause this day will be insane for me.
                      What are your questions?

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                    17. So about Amani.
                      Firstly I love that you’ve been trying to get into his head. I love that you are engrossed in your book again. It makes me very happy.
                      I have a lot of thoughts about your theme of Time actually.
                      I think Amani would definitely notice every reference to time around him in his environment. I also imagined him having something like a pocket watch but not a normal one, something that indicates something about him and the time he has to find his love . I don’t know. It’s not and fully formed thought lol but I keep seeing him reaching into his pocket to look at something that refers to Time as it appears and seems to him. God knows.
                      I think though as an immortal, he should show some sense of being tired, not physically obviously or sleep wise, but tiredness in his soul of having had to exist without her for so long and also a type of pity for mere mortals at having to live their lives against the clock as it were, or maybe conversely an admiration or perhaps envy that they have finite lives, whereas his infinite life will be one of loneliness if he can’t be reunited with her. I think also that his thoughts on this, on the essence of time and exisence will always take him to the past where he remembers his love. I think that he would be able to joke about time in a dry sense of humour way but that joke will always have a cutting piece of truth in it for him, and he may be somewhat jaded at the world’s obsession with rushing through life and always checking the time.
                      I also think that as an immortal, he would have had years to finely hone some talents, maybe musically or artistically. You’ve already shown us that he is really intelligent and had spent many years learning and absorbing knowledge but I think he would have spent a lot of time being really amazing at something too. Astonishingly so. Mozart/Beethoven/Genius type. If that makes sense. But to him it would be nothing. Trivial even . People would be in awe of him but he would not think it was extraordinary.

                      I think that his own sense of what love is, true love would be deep and beyond understanding for most people. But he has lived and known the deepest love and pain so his own internal dialogue would reflect that. I also think he would always be torn between seeing the most tiny , minute details in everything because he can see things deeper due to how much tine he has had to live and then in opposition to that, seeing the broader , grander picture of each situation much clearer than anyone else because again, he has the luxury of having the time tO see things and analyse them in such a way.
                      I think that’s the most of what I wanted to share. I will probably think of more. I LOVE this character so much

                      With kisses


                    18. Yeah, I am
                      Okay let me catch you up

                      I fly to Las Vegas (Sin City) for my first vacation of the year NEXT WEEK. Will be there Monday throught Friday.
                      Thinking of posting something on Monday, but not on Thursday. will be replying to comments and reading some posts n the mornings.

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                    19. So I want you to do something.

                      Listen to this piece of music

                      Then write whatever comes to you. Even if its not a poem, if its just stream of consciousness…whatever it is write it.

                      Been wanting to tell you this for a few days. It just popped into my head and I really feel you should try it.

                      No rush obviously. When you get the feeling, do it

                      Trust me something gorgeous will happen


                    20. Not really a prompt. Just…. I love that piece of music. It really does something to me and I had a strong feeling you should do this. No idea why.


                    21. 15 dats. didn’t we start off at 25? it is going quickly.

                      just so you know, tomorrow I will reblog something I post every holiday season, but WITH COMMENTS CLOSED. i will advise all my next NEW post will be Monday Jan 7th,
                      And it is already written and set to post.
                      It’s all about me being a bad boy.

                      ithe little hiatus will give me time to get more chapters ready for you, have been working hard at that. I fixed chapter one with your suggestions, also added one or two othere little things. I think it is much better now.
                      still flows smoothly.

                      as for what is going on there. I am so sorry about that. i see you in my mother’s position.
                      putting up with bullshit and negativity. it sucks. no one deserves that

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                    22. the bad boy poem has such a great image
                      i know you will truly enjoy the post. i think it is a good one to start the year

                      yeah, we will get back to the business of the book. i read your littel book synopsis twice last ight before going to bed.

                      i have tried to keep myslef super busy to make these 25 days go faster. probably do the same these cn christmas and the eve since i will be by my lonesome.

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                    23. For the last couple of days I have had I’m All Out of Love stuck in my head. Love that song so much and some parts (not all) make me think of you so so much
                      Listen to it later and think about me. But not the breaking up bits of the lyrics lol. The love and longing parts!

                      I may disappear.

                      Giving you all my ♥



                    24. So I know you’d never ask me, but don’t you want to see more of me.

                      I don’t mean naked, perv. I just mean like a photo from head to toe? Just curious


  3. I’m here baby if you’re around.
    Going to write a poem that’s been brewing a few hours. It’s about me. Not sure you’ll like it (if I get it finished) but I need to do it.


                    1. I have been thinking about this all evening. I have so much to say about it…tomorrow I’ll say more but..
                      If we were together, I would do anything for you. You need to know that. Because I have a strong need to please you..and make you want me and if..I did what you wanted and it meant that I would have you loving and wanting me MORE because I did those things for could I not.


                    2. Good morning
                      how are you
                      I slept very well

                      my post yesterday while it had slightly less numbers from my usual posts, it did very well.
                      i ignored my blog for two weeks and just come back like that and it did okay

                      makes me happy

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                    3. Where would you go. And then there is money. You would have to return to work first.

                      Damn what a crazy fucking situation.
                      You need to be treasured. Especially if you are putting his needs first. And you are the mother of his child.

                      I will never understand men


                    4. I know you are running out of time.
                      We need to continue this discussion.

                      The stuff about the girl is turning me on but didn’t want to ba callous.
                      That will be discussed another day as well.

                      Your emancipation must be one step at a time. Very calculated & careful.


                    5. DEFINITELY, let me entertain you.

                      yesterday Aruna starts writing to me in codes. She told me someone has s crush on me.

                      She posted a crazy poem about it two weeks sgo.
                      The poem has a round sky blue circle as its image


                    6. You really are .

                      Look, you have to imagine that it’s done and finished somewhere in the future along your path.. That you are the YOU who has finished your book exactly the way you want it to be finished and now you are just retracing the steps you’ve already taken and already know in order to finish it…you know? I hope that makes sense lol.


                    7. It will all happen the way you want .
                      And you have me here with you for ANYTHING in my power that you need.

                      Yes I did.

                      It’s that two part short story I gave you the link to ages ago. Loads of followers haven’t read it so i thought why not post the two parts . I love this story. It’s a unique type of writing for me. And it helps with expelling dark things.
                      I read it through before I posted both parts and all i kept thinking was…this is going to make him(you) sad. So don’t be sad if you read it.
                      Marvel at your baby’s talent at writing, lol


                    8. I see it so real as well.

                      Andrew and Maria. Sounds sweet,
                      I always say Andrew and Fiery. LOL
                      I really do think of you as Fiery . what an idiot

                      Pissd off at happy thoughts. That should fill up a therapists notebook. LOL


                      Makes me want to lick your mouth and kiss you deeply..
                      Stroke my fingers down your chest..
                      Kneel between your legs..
                      A run my tongue from the base of your cock to the tip then wrap my lips around you.
                      Things like that


                    10. Lol…thought I’d get a way different reaction. You crack me up.

                      Things like that and more. When we weren’t touching much in the Dark Time, my thoughts of you and the things you’d say to me and do to me were insane.
                      There was even a ‘shut the fuck up and let me fuck you’ which provided A LOT of …squish squish


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