Make A Wish


Make A Wish

Today I will grant
your every wish
just ask me and
it will be done

I will compliment
you on days your
not at your best

I will embrace you
before and after
every single fight

I will forgive you
for every sin you
have yet committed

go make any wish
and it will be done

just don’t ask me
to forget you baby
that’s impossible
it would be
easier burning
tattoos in the sand


129 thoughts on “Make A Wish

  1. Like burning tattoos in the sand… Beautiful.

    And my one wish in the world? That everyone got all the love and care they needed, regardless of mental health, race, religion, culture, sexuality etc. Everyone is a person.

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    1. Thank you for saying that. I am overwhelmed with my reading too. I think I will have to cut down my blogging to two or three days a week to get back to my novels. If not, I will ever reach my goals. Even if I do cut down, I will always follow you closely. Thank you for reading and the kind words. xoxo

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  2. Oh Andrew, this is pure magic! 😊 Some people are truly unforgettable. This also reminded me of Aladdin! πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed this one! I think your ‘mojo’ is returning! πŸ˜€

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