The Pharaoh’s Bride


The Pharaoh’s Bride

“Time can heal the broken heart, but it can also hurt the waiting heart.”

Darius rested underneath a weeping willow. His disheartening journey has lasted longer than time.

Five thousand years ago, he adored the woman he protected; the Pharaoh’s young bride. It started innocently, exchanging forbidden smiles and glances. 

Until, one day Aziza lost her balance and fell into his granite arms.

A week later they feasted on grapes; as they made love on the banks of the Nile beneath the radiant moonlight.

News of their secret romance reached the Pharaoh.

Beaten within moments of death, Darius pleaded with the Pharaoh. “I prefer to die a thousand deaths than to live a day without my beloved Aziza.”

Pharaoh ordered his magician, “Poison my disloyal wife. Reward her with the gift of reincarnation.”

Hot tears blended with the crimson blood upon Darius’ face.

“Let Darius live forever. He can suffer through eternity watching her die ten thousand deaths.”

Through the centuries, Darius walked the Earth alone. He found her soul in women of different lands.  He buried her a thousand times.

Since Columbus discovered the New World he has yet to see her.

He may never find her again?

Time can heal the broken heart, but it can also hurt the waiting heart.



This is a mansuscript I have outlined and is currently waiting to be written. It is the story of Darius and his eternal search for his beloved.

Photo taken from Pinterest.



202 thoughts on “The Pharaoh’s Bride

  1. WOOOOOW! This is just a great beginning of a great story in the making! It’s intriguing and engrossing. I would love to read this novel of yours. 🙂

    Love this line a lot: ““Time can heal the broken heart, but it can also hurt the waiting heart.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So happy you liked this. Trust me your comments thrilled me. Poor old Darius understands to well the good and bad ways time affect the heart. I started working on this right after I started receiving these positive comments on my blog. I appreciate your wonderful words of encouragement. They push me to go on. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, to hear that. Love arrives when we are ready. I really believe that a devine power has a plan for all of us. You day shall come. Thank you for stopping by to read. Blessings to you my friend.


      1. What I mean here is the search for the beloved of the description you have given of the lover. That I am in search and I feel most of us do that secretly in one corner of our heart. I hope you understand.
        Love to You my Dear Friend!

        Liked by 1 person

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