There Are Loves


There Are Loves


There are loves
that will last like
eternal flames
which are never
meant to burn out

There are loves
extinguished by
the slightest wind
cause they were
never meant to last

Then there’s your
love which smolders
inside of my heart
providing me with
warmth and ecstasy

There are loves
that are written
in firm granite.
They will stand
the test of time

There are loves
lacking ebb and
flow similar to
erasable poems
written in sand

Then there’s your
love blooming in
this lovely garden
you created in deep
corners of my soul


Photo of Allie taken by me at Rockefeller Center.



206 thoughts on “There Are Loves

  1. Thankfully, immersed in love’s glow and clearly promised to embrace it…your gratitude and joy easily flows over and spills onto us all. The inspiration of such love and hope, to give and receive life’s greatest gift and pleasurable blessing. Enjoy! And thank you for sharing 💞

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