The Brightest Star (100 Word Story)


The Brightest Star


Derek walked up to the bar, desperate to drown his loneliness. “Beer please. Any beer will do.”

The bartender returned with a bottle of Blue Moon.

Derek groaned. Of all the beers in the pub, this is what the bartender served an astronomer. Obviously, he wasn’t permitted to forget his work tonight.

Looking across the room, he smiled.

She sat alone at the end of the bar; radiating beauty, attracting him with her personal gravity from light years away.

He didn’t need a telescope to know the truth.

She was the brightest star in the universe of a crowded room.



493 thoughts on “The Brightest Star (100 Word Story)

  1. Ooh I wonder who she is! And if she will like him! Or if he will go home alone and name a star after her… 😊💜 I hope she sticks around and shows him all the secrets of the universe! xoxo


  2. Blue moon n brightest star in dt bar room.u realy said truth dt there was no need for telescope.hey dew !! U often live among ur mind’s starfull sky.m i right?


  3. I think it will not be a Blue Moon for him tonight, it will be a Happy one 🙂 Love your short stories! Glad I found your blog again, made sure to become a follower this time. Thought I had before and that you just weren’t posting, guess I was wrong!


              1. Hey sexy.

                There is a blogger I want to ask you about. She was…kind of mean to me! As childish as that sounds..I know! I wouldn’t usually give a shit but I was genuinely being nice. We are not close or anything like that all, I just used to like her poems and comment once in a while. She didn’t. And she unfollowed me from her blog. Which i was going to unfollow aby2ay after her comment. I’ll tell you later who, if we manage to chat today.

                So I didn’t give you a list of posts I want you to read, and I won’t in case you didn’t realise lol. Very disobedient of me, I know but I don’t want you to have a list of things of mine that you have to read.
                But this one, was the first poem I properly wrote for you.


                Hope you’re sleeping sweetly ❤️

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. It’s Tara Caribou. You can go see the comments on her post Expanding Synapse. So out of the blue. I was tempted to unleash my rage on her that has been building in me slowly the last few days but I have taken the high road and am just staying silent. Kind of hurt though. I get it if I had done or said something but I didn’t. Probably jealousy. Nothing new from a woman.
                    Yes rant. I like it!

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                    1. First, why was rage building? Was the rage with her? Has she been snapish before?

                      I know a medical term for this reaction from Tara; it’s called ‘CRAZY ASS BITCH.” Try to remember it.

                      Jealousy, envy. Now, she does not follow me nor I her. So, my first instinct is it has nothing to do with me. Unless, she is one of those kooks that has several different blogs.

                      Some dude is really liking your work, and she is pissed that you get his attention. Bask in the knowledge that you have something over her, at least in her mind, even if you don’t know what it is.

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                    2. Rage building from home baby.

                      Okay you’re right

                      I have an idea who she is bothered about in that case. It’s probably The Whippoorwills. She’s a blogger who I chat with, and then I read her about page today and actually she’s struggling with transgender feelings etc and has other issues. I live the way she writes and she flirts with, think she’s a bit enamoured with me. It’s probably that.
                      But yeah, crazy wasn’t it?
                      I care a lot less now!
                      Loving all your words

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                    3. God sakes! The more you tell me.. seriously. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs one day.

                      I have my issues with women, I told you. But actually blogging has helped me get over a lot of them. Plus yeah…women seem to swoon a bit over me too sometimes lol

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                    4. No need to say sorry baby. I figured you were tending to your blog. I understand

                      Last night was okay, peaceful. Yes. A relief.

                      Plus I got to sneak in a couple of words to you, so that always adds tingles to my evenings

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