The Brightest Star (100 Word Story)


The Brightest Star


Derek walked up to the bar, desperate to drown his loneliness. “Beer please. Any beer will do.”

The bartender returned with a bottle of Blue Moon.

Derek groaned. Of all the beers in the pub, this is what the bartender served an astronomer. Obviously, he wasn’t permitted to forget his work tonight.

Looking across the room, he smiled.

She sat alone at the end of the bar; radiating beauty, attracting him with her personal gravity from light years away.

He didn’t need a telescope to know the truth.

She was the brightest star in the universe of a crowded room.




147 thoughts on “The Brightest Star (100 Word Story)

  1. Ooh I wonder who she is! And if she will like him! Or if he will go home alone and name a star after her… 😊💜 I hope she sticks around and shows him all the secrets of the universe! xoxo


  2. Blue moon n brightest star in dt bar room.u realy said truth dt there was no need for telescope.hey dew !! U often live among ur mind’s starfull sky.m i right?


  3. I think it will not be a Blue Moon for him tonight, it will be a Happy one 🙂 Love your short stories! Glad I found your blog again, made sure to become a follower this time. Thought I had before and that you just weren’t posting, guess I was wrong!


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