Half awake or half asleep, I smiled. Every exquisite angle of her curvy body aligned with mine, like jigsaw pieces from heaven entwined as one. There appeared to be no wasted space between us as if our sleeping bodies made sure to fill in every unwanted gap. How appropriate. We were never meant to be separated; not even in our sleep.

The sweet scent of her long hair awakened my senses. And again I smiled.

There is nothing better than spooning, well, unless youโ€™re forking.


Photo found in Google Images.


239 thoughts on “Spooning

  1. Cute poem. Of course, these days, it’s also possible to spork. (Incidentally, I suspect one of my past comments may be in your spam folder. I was struck by your previous post and definitely wrote something about it, but It seems to have disappeared. That’s usually an ominous sign that Akismet has me marked down as a troublemaker again.)

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  2. Hi Lonely Author Blog,
    Wow! Over 200 people liked your post! Congratulations on building such an engaged community!
    You dropped by. Thank you for liking my Blogger’s Pit Stop post. I hadn’t seen you in a while, so I wanted to come by to say hello and I hope you’re having a summer. I recently returned from a cruise and will go back to creating new content soon.
    Sometimes I see you around the blogosphere at other people’s sites.

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    1. Thank you. I will drop by. My blog has gotten so huge, I find glitches in wordpress where settings have changed and people accidentally unfollowed. I eeill check my settings for your blog. Thanks for letting me know.

      Having a great Summer. Thanks for asking. A cruise?? Oh, that is on my to do list.

      Thanks for dtopping by. Have a great weekend.


  3. Also…I read this and these lyrics jumped into my head from a little known song you may have heard, Despacito? No? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ You probably hate it. I love it and dance to it pretty much every day. Lol.
    Okay, so when I love a song that is not in English, especially if I’m going to sing it at the top of my voice, I am obsessed with translating it and knowing the meaning of every word and insinuation and so I can pour myself into it when I sing…and this lyric seems to echo your poem. Not saying that Daddy Yankee is in the same universe, lyrically as you, lol (although I do have a secret shameful crush on him..) but here’s what I mean,
    “Y es que esa belleza es un rompecabezas
    Pero pa montarlo, aquรญ tengo la pieza..”
    … you know?!

    Shutting up now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Despacito is on my play list. Often listen to it as I blog. When I go out I always dance that song.

      I love regatton. Daddy Yankees is also one of my faves.

      Y es que es bella
      It’s that thT beauty
      Es un rompecabeza
      Is a head breaker (a jigsaw puzzle)
      Pero pa montarlo
      But for her to climb on
      Aqui tengo la pieza
      Here I have the piece (tool)

      And that last line Daddy Yankee gestures towards his crotch.

      Anything else Ms Fiery???

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      1. Oh…LOVE that you love raggaeton. It’s so effing sexy .

        I know what it means…hearing you translate it is… You know…
        Wait…are you gesturing towards your crotch…? Naughty boy

        You may need to stop asking me anything else because I might just answer you one of these days ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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