Lonely Author: It’s Not Deja Me, It’s Deja Vu


Yes, there was Lonely Author on his best behavior (well as best as it could be) minding his own business, when he suddenly discovered something disturbing. HUNDREDS OF UNANSWERED COMMENTS.

First, the Chimp would like to assure everyone he would never ignore anyone’s comments. Even negative comments would prompt some kind of Chimpism.

Today, my cell phone and WP dashboard have HUNDREDS of unanswered comments that weren’t there last night when I slipped into my sexiest Batman pajamas (yeah the one that has that convenient flap in the back).  I was certain I had already answered some of these comments.  Others appeared before my eyes for the very first time.

Over the next couple of days, the Chimp will try to clean this up. Sorry, for the delay in any responses.

If you receive a reply to a message I already responded to, well, think of it as a duplicate treat.  Hey, I couldn’t think of a better person to deja vu with???

Thank you for understanding.


I am the Lonely Author and I endorse this message.




120 thoughts on “Lonely Author: It’s Not Deja Me, It’s Deja Vu

  1. Dear Lonely, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago ! My comments weren’t showing up and then suddenly a monsoon ! A WP glitch no doubt. Have a wonderful evening. No pressure!

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  2. Oh don’t worry, I am sure all your readers know you have a gentleman’s/Batman’s behavior. 🙂 That is, you are gentle and kind and show up in our hour of need and when we least expect it. 😊💙

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  3. so it’s not the batman jammies with the feet? 😉 I think you answered all of mine. Maybe your account’s buggy? Or extra-dimensional beings are messaging you because they received a sign that you’re their chimps’ messiah? Do let me know if you have received such communications! 🙂

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  4. Well if you weren’t so busy trying to get a glimpse down her shirt, you could respond to your comments. Yeah we know what’s more important. Ah.. I am only kidding. You’re always sincere in responding to your readers. Smiles.

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      1. I had left a comment re what seemed to be an absence or uncharacteristic ‘distance’ in your communications…tried to be humorous about it, which usually elicits a fun response from you…but nada was forthcoming. So I let it go–and then your post appeared with the general explanation 🙂 The photo is cute.

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          1. No worries, friend Drew–take your time…’course, you realize by the time you respond I’ll have complete amnesia as to what I said/was thinking at the time! So I’m guessing it will get even more amusing… 🙂 🙂

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  5. Just like the French saying goes: two beatings are bad for you, two sweet comments from Andrew are like yummy candy actually 😀

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  6. Always answer comments
    If you do I’ll answer yours
    And if you never read my posts
    Expect hear some slamming doors.
    Communing is a two way street
    A nodding of the heads
    A raising of an old man’s hat
    A tumbling into beds.

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    1. Exactly. I always answer every comment, even if I don;t like it. But there seems to be a glitch with WordPress and hundreds of messages just dropped into my dashboard. I will be answering them today. I will drop by your blog a little later today. Thanks and have a great weekend.


  7. Sometimes WP fails. We know that, my friend. If you remember, I had the problem with all my comments which disappeared in the Spam Box or in ether :)) So, stay cool!

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  8. Make sure to look at you spam box too! I found it riddled with comments among the junk not too long ago! Freaked me out!
    Technology is a fickle b**ch, I think she enjoys these hide and seek games with us just to keep us guessing!

    Don’t stess out to much, it seems we all understand and have been there. (But damn, get us our replies already slacker! 😉 lol )

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    1. Sorry, for ther delay in my response. I lose 30-40messages a day i my wordpress. Then, they pop up days later. Thus the reason for this late response.

      That was a lovely image. Thank you for sharing it with me. I appreciate that.

      You have so many incredible images there.

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  9. So sorry this happened to you! 😦 I hate time consuming glitches on WP. My email says a much higher number than when I use a computer at the library!
    There was a month I cried since I knew it was going to be busy. So I had about ten posts written and pre-scheduled. One day they just started arriving and although scheduled with dates spaced out they came ahead of schedule!


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