If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name


If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

Memories with no recollection
like a warm beach without sand
how could I gaze into your eyes
and not feel what I breath today

If nostalgia becomes a stranger
who will reminisce over photos I
will miss? Will you remind me of
remembrances that I won’t find

After all that we conquered, our
love deserves a better fate.  Will
you remember for the two of us
if Alzheimer’s erases your name

Please note: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.  Well, nothing that a chocolate layer cake, a glass of wine, & a warm kiss won’t cure (not in that order).  I  recently had a brief conversation with a blogging friend who mentioned her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  I have little fear of death, but I do worry about Alzheimer’s.  I can’t imagine not remembering my daughter or Allie.

For more information on Alzheimer’s please visit this link from my friend Doctor Jonathan Neal Colton at All About Healthy Choices.

Are There Better Treatments For Alzheimer’s Patients

Photo is a selfie of Allie taken 2010.


193 thoughts on “If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

  1. My mother is in the last stages of dementia, and though it has been a long, hard road til now, a time when she does not know me most days, I still rejoice that I am able to witness her slow, slow receding into the dark unending forgetting. What fascinates me is how much she has been distilled to her essence, a singular sweet drifting, quiet and seemingly peaceful. But maybe that’s just my hope.


    1. First, please accept my apologies for the delay in my response. WordPress has dropped 20 -30 messages a day from my blog. Then, days later they reappear. Thus, I am responding to you now. I wouldn’t want you or anyone else to think I ignored my followers.

      I am so sorry to hear about your mother. This must be so difficult for you. I can’t imagine going through something so sad. I wouldn’t want to put my family through this torture either.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. I appreciate that.

      Again, sorry for the delay in my response. Be happy. Be well.

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  2. Such a sad thought- I’m along with you in being more scared of something like Alzheimers than death.. my father and I always talked about how we’d be ready to go when it got to the point where we can’t move, can’t think, or can’t remember.

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    1. Yeah this disease frightens me so much. It is better to move on to the next stage than forget our lived ones and leave them with the painful burden. Sorry for the late response. WordPress has lost my messages tthen they return days later. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.


  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I am terrified at the mere thought that some day I might have to succumb to it… you never know. My sister-in-law is in the advanced stage of Alzheimer’s. Although there was never much love lost between us, I truly feel sorry for her. Her husband, my brother, had never received any explanation or support, and still is having hard time grasping what’s happening.


    1. First, let me apologize for the delay in my response. Duye to glitches in my WordPress, I lose 30 or 40 messages a day. Then, they return days later. And recently I was answering messages going back to Janurrty that returned like unwanted ghosts.

      That is so sad. I am sorry for your brother. It must have been so difficult.

      I share in your fear of these horrible disease. I prefer to die than to live like that.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read and share your heartwrenching story. I wish all the best for you and yours. Have a wonderful evening.

      And again, sorry for the delay in my response.


  4. My Dad got a stroke and it fried his brain at the same time. Was awful to watch though it was poor Mum who took the brunt of it. Just shows you that we should cherish the brief time we have before we break down as well, Its inevitable as we get old > Happy Happy Happy! Have you seen ‘Still Alice’?


    1. First, please accept my apologies for the delay in my response. WordPress has dropped 20 -30 messages a day from my blog. Then, days later they reappear. Thus, I am responding to you now.

      That is exactly what I fear about this disease. Leaving such an awful burden on my family. Yes, we have to cherish this time we have together, we never know when our final moment may come.

      No, I haven’t seen Still Alice yet.

      Thank you for reading my work. And for sharing your story. I wish you and yours all the very best.

      Again, sorry for the delat in this response. Be well.

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      1. Yes > we never know what will happen a minute into the future. Recently had a bereavement in the family. We are all completely stunned > it only makes me more determined to do amazing things while I’m still here and value everything around me and in my life. No worries about anything. Such is the beauty of WP and the beauty of WP friends 🙂

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  5. Wow.. I’ve never encountered Alzheimer’s.. And it scares the hell out of me. Forgetting who you were,friends,family.. Forgetting how to brush your own teeth.. The indignity of it all and how prolonged it all seems.. Horrible way to go.


  6. I think there’s a lot we can look foward to as far as the treatment for at least the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease is concern.. Just last week Harvard university has discovered some ways to help slow down the progression of this condition and you can find out more in my medical blog at http://medicalessential.wordpress.com

    Meanwhile there are many more studies being done, while waiting for the promising results, we should do our part to be well equipped with basic medical knowledge as many health conditions begin with the ignorance of the importance of living a healthy life.

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  7. Andrew, you know a bit of my story, and without meaning to be presumptuous, I might be the blogging friend you mentioned. So I feel awful that I missed this poem when you wrote it, and I apologize.

    This poem reflects the agony of this disease:
    It is very personal, and it’s the fear we all have – what if I can’t remember how much I was loved – will the love still be there? Will I?

    I haven’t heard from you in a long time and hope you and your family are well, and simply occupied by more important events.

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  8. “I have little fear of death, but I do worry about Alzheimer’s. ”

    Same here. I did an Alzheimer’s test some time ago and I have 70% of chance of develop this disease. Death comfort our souls, diseases not. God bless you and have a great day miss. 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking the time out to read and comment.

      Sorry, for the delay in my response. I was out of the blogging world for over a year.

      Wow, I hope you are able to avoid the disease. God bless you. And may every day be filled with sunshine and smiles.


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