If I Am Your Rock


If I Am Your Rock

If I am your rock
You are the ground
That kept me on my feet

If I am your universe
You are the bright sun
The fills my life with light

If I am your man
You are the woman
Who made me who I am

If I am your strength
You are my sanctuary  
When I lay my head upon your breast

Photo of Allie taken by me on our anniversary May 30, 2016.


186 thoughts on “If I Am Your Rock

    1. Smiling. She would probably break my arm if I didn’t use her photo. lol Funny thing is she feels like she is supporting my blog and helping my creative journey. So my writing no longer feels like it is a world that she is no part of.

      Does this make sense?

      Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend.

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      1. It does make sense. Writing is an internal process and a lonely business. At least with her picture, she is a part of the creative process, in her own way.

        My husband is amazed that anyone even looks or responds to my blog. Like me, I just thought I was organizing my recipes. I had no idea of the social networking that it would involve. Makes cooking so much more fun. Your writing is getting better and better. Proving that writing is also a craft.🎨

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        1. Why does he feel that way? You and other cooking blogs have posted things that I showed to my wife. It is a great platform for sharing recipes.

          Thanks. I started writing poetry last October. I hope I am getting better. LOL Thanks for saying that.

          Have a good one.

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