If I Am Your Rock


If I Am Your Rock

If I am your rock
You are the ground
That kept me on my feet

If I am your universe
You are the bright sun
The fills my life with light

If I am your man
You are the woman
Who made me who I am

If I am your strength
You are my sanctuary  
When I lay my head upon your breast

Photo of Allie taken by me on our anniversary May 30, 2016.

186 thoughts on “If I Am Your Rock

  1. Well now I had a poof, fingers no work so good. What I said or thought I said before was blah blah blah and I like reading your stuff, so monkey boy keep writing all this gooey stuff and get a screen play sold. Your friend but you might not know it…~~dru~~

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    1. Ive never actually watched the video till after I posted it, I had only heard the song which I bought last year that I keep putting on replay, some of the images in the video are sad, but it’s the message that caught my attention, reminded me of your poem which says: “You’re the one I love”, in such a poetically beautiful way.

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  2. Anytime you can put back to back time where there’s love involved
    You have the makings of a lasting relationship
    That’s time tested love
    The real deal
    Where the bond can be…….. And you’ll both endured
    I’ve been with mine for some fifteen years
    And it just keeps getting better
    But don’t kid yourself
    It takes good honest work
    commitment , responsibilities
    And a lot of stuff that there aren’t enough words for
    The Sheldon Perspective

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      1. Just write down how the two of you have met and email it to me (with the link to your blog in the email too, makes it easier for me to put it in the post). I will then post it and link back to your blog. You can add pictures too, if you like. You can write it in any style you like. It would be great to be able to share your story on my blog.


  3. I love reading about your devotion, and passion for your beautiful woman!! You are both incredibly lucky. ❤ ❤ ❤


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