Writing To Forget

woman at bar

Writing To Forget

The beautiful woman
sat at the empty bar
lost in deep thought. 
Why was she there 
trying to remember
or drinking to forget

I recognize her sadness
It plagues my dark eyes
causing deepest thoughts
as I quietly pen my words.
Am I trying to remember
or am I writing to forget

Image taken from Pinterest

241 thoughts on “Writing To Forget

  1. Maybe trying to remember something she used to know or forget something she wishes she doesn’t know…or both…you captured the kind of mood that tends to descend on me in late summer. Beautiful flow.


    1. Happy you appreciated this.

      Sorry, for the delay in my response. After my little accident, my blurred vision has made it challenging to keep up with my blog. As always, thank you for your kind words. You are always so poisitive and supportive. It has been a blessing to find you.


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      1. I’m so sad to hear that…did you fall again? I’ve been struggling too and my blog is neglected, also. It’s hard when our bodies don’t co-operate with our dreams and plans. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  2. Oh, all the ways we try and drown our sorrows! We just have to be careful so that we don’t “drown ourselves” in the process, I suppose. 😉 I am very touched by this piece of writing, as I am currently trying to find more productive and healthy ways to process grief, etc. A great write my friend! ⚘


    1. Wow, what a beautiful paragraph. Sorry, it has taken me so long to reply. I am so concentrated trying to keep up with posts, I fall far behind on my reading. (My eyes can only do so much).

      I have always drowned my sorrows in my writing. It has been the outlet which has kept me away from drugs, alcohol, and other sins.

      I am flattered by your comments. Thank you so much. I appreciate your visits. And thrilled you enjoy my writing.

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          1. The cough lingers and we just had a big rainstorm. Now it’s warm and overcast. I’m having tea, too, and watching my Cubbies annihilate the Mariners (11 – 0 right now). This weather lately is just the pits. Hope you feel better soon! It’s hard for me to think straight to write fiction when I’m not feeling well. I also have some tests coming up in a week but trying not to worry too much ahead of time. Plenty of time for that later if necessary, lol.

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            1. Hey, my Yankees just handed you the World Series with that trade for the relief pitcher.

              Yeah, it is terrible and uncomfortable being under the weather at this time of year. I hope you get better soon.

              Go Cubbies. (It has been too long. Damn, it’s your turn now).

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              1. Yes, I don’t know about Chapman personally, but, man, can he pitch! And we do appreciate the trade, but I think we gave your Yankees one of our best minor leaguers 😉 From your mouth to God’s ear! It would be so great to see them win (especially since my brothers are big White Sox fans, lol)

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  3. Nice! Writing can help to get you through the deepest pain. So writing to forget is a very valid idea in my own opinion. However if you are writing to forget, it is truly ironic on the most basic level that you are basically immortalizing what you are trying to forget.

    Unless you are writing something else non stop to forget the pain of a certain even, or loneliness, or every day life.

    Great poem.

    Cheers! ^_^

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  4. I like this; it’s always a good thing when you go through the pain of remembering something in order to write it down, and then suddenly (sometimes) the pain is gone. Even to the point where you read what you’ve written years later and think “I wrote this?” Great poem.
    Don’t think I could forget the woman in the painting, though. Have a good weekend.

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    1. Funny you should say that. I have done exactly that. read something years later and questrion myself. Amazing how we evolve as writers and people. The woman in the painting is amazing. She inspired me to write this. Thank you for stopping by to read and for your comments. Have a good one.

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  5. A wonderful sequel to the last poem I read that you wrote. The oxymoron, “remembering to forget” is a topic that can elicit strong emotions. Your writing style SUCCESSFULLY allows each of us to use our own lives to create the affects we seek when reading your ART! Thank you for helping bring out the emotions that sometimes lay dormant.

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  6. hey dear dew.u r only writing n dt beautiful woman’image is inspiring u .seeing dt pic,i think-she is waiting alone for long time n drinking to remove her depression n anxiety for her beloved.m i right?

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  7. I enjoyed reading your poem, but the situation faced by the speaker in the poem never happens to me. I can’t spend time pondering the background and the thoughts of beautiful women at bars. My wife doesn’t like it.


  8. Nicely written. Very thought-provoking.
    I enjoy watching people and trying to decipher their thoughts.
    I try to read their body language if they’re with someone to see if it’s a loving relationship or one of turmoil. It’s amazing what we can discover from just quietly observing.
    Quite a few of my posts have been inspired by this process.
    I enjoyed yours… ☺


    1. Thank you so much fpor saying that. I love to read loggers insights to my post and hearing aout the things that inspire them.

      Sorry for the delay in this response. I am contstantly losing comments that reappear days later. and now with these vision problemsl it has gotten very hard to keep up with my blog. Thanks for your wonderful comments.

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      1. Do you know how to view your comments from the dashboard? In there you can view:
        – Comments already approved
        – comments pending (awaiting approval)
        – legit comments that ended up in spam
        – spam comments from people trying to sell tech services
        – comments you’ve deleted

        WordPress can be very glitchy sometimes and free blog don’t have access to tech support as paid ones do, so also try subscribing to community pool and other wordpress blogs which may help or be a place where you can ask questions.

        Sorry your vision is problematic. Hope you get some sort of relief with that soon.

        Be well 🌷

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