Don Luccini’s Daughter (100 Words)


Don Luccini’s Daughter

A man in control of his universe, Don Gino Luccini’s accent caressed every syllable, “Why are you here?”

Ray Gamba admired Sofia Luccini’s portrait. “To bring this killer to justice.”

“Forget justice.” The angry Mafioso smirked. “Bring him to me.”

Gamba squirmed. The alluring young lady in the painting appears to look back at him.

“I will pay you handsomely for delivering Sofia’s killer.”

“Forget your dirty money,” he cursed. Luccini would never understand I loved his daughter.

“Detective, you have no idea how I feel.”

Gamba sighed, if you only knew how I feel after accidentally shooting your daughter.


Photo taken from Google Images.

132 thoughts on “Don Luccini’s Daughter (100 Words)

    1. So happy you enjoyed this. I have wanted to post a mobster story since I started blogging. Then, it suddenly came tome last night,

      WOw you response thrilled me. You appeared to really enjoy this.

      Thank you for all ofyour wonderful support. I appreciate it. And I will never forgetit either. XOXOXOXO

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  1. niiiiice 🙂
    Perfect ending – you set the scene up so calmly then WHAM! right between the eyes 🙂
    I would have one suggestion, if I may – the last phrase:
    “if you only knew how I feel after accidentally shooting your daughter.”
    I would put in italics, since it is a thought….
    just my opinion…
    again – awesome write!

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  2. oh my God !!how type is dt killer who demands portrait of his beloved sofhiya who is murderd by him .is he a phyco type killer or ur word”a man in control his universe ” is belonged from Diago Rivera ‘s painting (1934)or any historical event?plz reply.what is a alluring type- ur lines.i became as feard.suspensive bt beautyfully written .


  3. oh God !!how is dt guy who demands his beloved ‘s portrait who is murderd by he a phyco type killer or ur lines”a man in control his universe” is belonged from Diago Rivera(1934)’s painting or any historical event?plz reply.what a alluring n suspensive lines u have written.


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