Astronaut Jack Archer stared through the cracked window. The sun appeared like a bright yellow pin prick in the universe.

The ship’s lights flickered.

After the damaged suffered on the rough landing, power may last days or hours.

Archer knew the risks when he volunteered for this mission. He didn’t care.

Life on Pluto couldn’t be any colder or more desolate than living on Earth without his late wife.

He clipped her photo to the dashboard. He would be happy to die admiring her face.

She would bring him eternal peace.

Power suddenly shutoff.

Infinite darkness invaded the tiny vessel.


106 thoughts on “Pluto

      1. Not if I had steak at home. I’m just trying to finish my new book, “Cardinal Sin”. I plan on putting out my Rough Draft on WordPress to see what type of feedback it gets before I go into editing it and having it published. Would really appreciate your help when it gets to that point of promoting it, cant wait to hear what you think

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  1. Dear dew !! Dt infinite darkness is definited in human life.why r u talking about late is good thing when we can live on pluto without dis thinking towards our nagetive attitude.i believe dt after end of life,two beloved live together n rebirth on earth and meet again.dis relation is belonged seven new birth.m i right ?plz reply.

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  2. Sad, but I get it–life without the person you love is not much of a life. You packed a lot of story into a few words, Andrew. Good job.
    I see from the comments that you had an accident involving your eye…hope things are getting better.


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