Guiding Light


Guiding Light

Even in the heaviest fog
Her shadow became
his guiding light

Hope everyone is well.  Have a great week.

Photo taken from Google Images.


146 thoughts on “Guiding Light

  1. I am glad your surgery isn’t too long from now, Drew. I know with Allie by your side and good surgery planned, things will fall into place, soon.
    I just wish you didn’t have to go through any of this. ❤

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            1. I think I saw the comment from her ‘friend’ you were talking about. The one that says the dead are not forgotten and she’s not one for long discourse? I may be imagining things but I think that a was a dig at our long back and forths lol.
              Good. fuck ’em.
              swiftly becoming my go to phrase lol


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