Aftermath (100 Words)


Aftermath  (100 Words)


Faith thought about adding the word “less” to her name.

She had no idea who started the war. It didn’t matter. Nothing remained; just wreckage and ashes.

Days since she saw another living human, she shaded her eyes from the dust clouds.

What kind of God would allow this to happen? The same sadistic, bastard who let her survive.


Faith frowned. Entering an overturned subway, she pushed a corpse with her boot and found a baby.

“Hey, how will I know your name baby girl?”

Someone had pinned a folded note to the baby’s blouse.

She read it.



Photo taken from Pinterest.


155 thoughts on “Aftermath (100 Words)

  1. Flawless. Faith/Hope. So much story in so few words. Wish I knew how you did it. Can study your form all day .. guess it must be a gift.
    But that’s ok. I enjoy reading.


  2. oh. oh Andrew. This tugs the heart, softly yet so hard. Buried in the rubble of war are not just lives, but also hope for those who barely survived. But she found hers. ❤


  3. wonderful poem.perhaps God takes eximination of human in dis form.n hope is only word for all livings.last lines of poem is amazing n lovely n force us to alive with hopefully.marvelous dew.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You are a master of these 100 word stories.
    Such a great opening line, and the picture of the story world is built quickly. The finding of the baby represents company, another human, and hope in one.
    Great stuff ☺


  5. after desaster.,only hope is only necessary for living.trazic poem bt last line is as consolation.only hope -all livings r depandants on dt.marvelous.


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