Serial (100 Words)


Serial  (100 Words)

Detective Jake Monroe examined the bloody crime scene. All the expected signs were there; the slashed throat, the look of terror in her eyes, and missing shoes.

The Riverside Killer struck again.

“Number five is a blonde?”

He turned to look at his partner Max who entered the hotel room.

“Do we know her name?”

“Let me see,” Jake scooped up her purse to search for her ID.

“You must be relieved.”

Jake sighed. “Was that necessary?”

Max shrugged. “Hey, at least this time there’s no evidence tying her to you.”

Opening her purse, Jake found a photo of himself.


198 thoughts on “Serial (100 Words)

      1. I thought maybe Jack himself was the killer, because all the signs were there ‘as expected’ – meaning Jack expected to see the signs there since he placed them there himself, only he forgot about the photo – oh I don’t know! I hope we can find out in part 2 😀

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  1. You are the King of the Plot Twist! Just when I figure out how the story is going to end, BAM! Wicked twist. I enjoyed it because mystery is my favorite genre. I wonder if Jake was being framed? Hmmm. Are you planning to write more?


    1. No, I wasn’t planning on writing more. I wrote it as a one time thing, but so many people asked me to continue. Kind of hard to write a series of conntecting 120 word story. Let’s see if I can come up with something. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the words of encouragement.

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