The Story Behind Your Smile

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The Story Behind Your Smile

A sad tale resides inside every
tear that moistens our cheeks

A legend illustrates the scars
we wear like proud badges

A saga explains the triumphs
and tragedies of our lives

The only thing I need is to be
the story behind your smile

Photo of my wife Allie taken by me (August 2015)

200 thoughts on “The Story Behind Your Smile

    1. LOL THank you. Just came back from Doc. Mixed news. I see the eye surgeon tomorrow. Surgery within a week or two., May need a second one after that. Will keep you posted. PRAYING you are well. You were in my thoughts while I was at the MD. It was as if you were there. Be well Diane. Big freaking hugs.

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      1. I am well, I was at dinner w my girlfriends, just seeing this now. I’m glad you see the surgeon soon. Hope they do surgery quickly, I know it will go well. I am sure surgery involving your sight is a very stressful thing, especially for a writer. Just think how wonderful it will be soon! I am well, no new news yet, sending prayers your way, too, Andrew. Lean on me whenever you need and I will do the same. We will get through this! xoxoxo

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  1. wonderful.u donn’t need to be the story of Allie’s smile because u r naturarly story of her smile.u r dt special one who can sacrifice all on her calling , singing n taking ur name as beautyful smile

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          1. dear dew !! have u not liked my comment on selfie queen ? is any fault of my understanding.?i m worried.plz reply n explain d reason of ur imazination beyond of selfie queen.plz if u mind,sorry.

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                  1. smiling on urs is natural in westren n american in india…o my God.parhaps,new generation in india,xo word r becoming normal .i have learnt dis word from my favourite blogger’Jennifer jeaneu’.


                    1. yeah.i too like u know dt she had come in India as solo traveller last year.i liked those guys who liked to be or do as solo or alone one.sola , alone,loney words,i love very much.what is d reason for my dis liking -i do not know.i think dt some lonely moments give us new ideas,positive attitudes n mental peace.m i right,dear dew?plz reply.dt time,we r near our soul n can talk ouselves.right?

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                    2. yeah.i m lucky dt a few some true friends r in my jennifer has meet me on stage of blog. i feel-she is a true,nice n honest person.


  2. Your passion in your words clearly emanates from deep within the heart. Few people express themselves meaningfully with such emotions over the years I’ve read your work. Yours is the “real thing!”
    Don’t be surprised if Anthony Weiner steals your writings. I imagine he will do anything to get Huma Abedin to change her mind!

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  3. To not wish to be a tale, a legend or a saga but to wish to simply be a story that makes someone happy is so heroic, humble and authentic. I wish for this too. Lovely.

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  4. I’m never sure if I should comment on non-spanking blogs but I see you have my latest post in your sidebar. Thank you very much. A haiku for your lovely wife.

    crimson fingertips
    blending with smiling red lips
    heart holds dragonfly

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      1. Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I just really got interested in your blog and it really is interesting. Will be really looking forward for more.

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