The Geometry of Women


The Geometry Of Women

Don’t need to be a mathematician or
genius to postulate on the female form.
For women were meant to have curves.
So it doesn’t matter from which side
we admire their figures, I am certain
every view will provide a right angle.

The delicious arc of a wicked smile and
the symmetry of their glorious spheres
always intersect the very heart of me.
The smoothness of their planes, their
triangle, and perfect orbs in back will
keep any nerd or gent perpendicular.

Nothing sends me on wild tangents
as the breathtaking and captivating
beauty of the geometry of women.


229 thoughts on “The Geometry of Women

  1. nice way,beautyful geomatrical explation of female beauty.a uniqe peice is dis post.dear dew!many literature r full from explation of female beauty in worthy or unworthy way.but ur lines r admirable.wonderful.

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  2. Mann… Being a girl…. I am angry as well as amazed how not so polietly yet delicately you have expressed your views about a girl.
    Btw i am a new blogger .. U can check my poems and feel free to follow back.
    Thank u.


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