Betty Left Searches For Mr. Right

Bride and groom topper on wedding cake

Betty Left Searches For Mr. Right


The dating world can be so harsh
For a lady searching for her knight
There was a girl named Betty Left
who wanted to find her Mr. Right

On her date with Mr. Homophone
Betty told him she adored flowers
Gentleman that he was he delivered
two large barrels of self rising flour

She agreed to date Mr. Homograph
They agreed to meet by the bank
she never imagined her date meant
please meet me by the river bank

Then Photographer Mr. Homonym
Asked if she would mind posing bare
Things got very uncomfortable when
she realized it wasn’t her teddy bear

Ready to give up on love Betty Left
met Mr. Perfect at a social function
This man had all his stuff together
So she finally wed Mr. Conjuntion


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