151 thoughts on “Imperfections

                    1. She didn’t. I knew who you were. It took me a while to click that you two were together. I am perceptive mostly, but things just don’t register sometimes.
                      So that’s a good thing.

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                    2. I was not pre- stalking you, Romeo, lol.

                      I just followed you. Actually I followed you first,don’t even remember when. Then someone called Anand used to follow and comment on my poems and he was asking me all these cryptic questions, like am I another person using this blog because my poetry reminds him of someone else.. Had no idea what he meant. He was saying my poetry really reminded him of this other person and I had to wait like fucking ages for him to tell me who it was. Then he asked if I am nandita and I had no idea who that was and I was like, no! So I checked her out and we started taking. I liked her poetry but I didn’t really think our styles were that similar.
                      Weird, no?

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                    3. Yeah, there was a time that he followed me. Then, when she and I started together he completely went away. I think she had given him false hope as she done to so many others.
                      Two bloggers reached out to me when she and I became a couple. She dumped them simultaneosly, to “get with me.”
                      Such a player.

                      Your poetry and hers are different. And she had the ability to dumb down her poetry to write on these other blogs and conveince people she it another person. She can also mimick other poets very easily.
                      Enough about her.

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