Life In An Hour Glass


Life In An Hour Glass


Sometimes I feel as if
I live in an hour glass,
buried beneath a ton of
relentless sand.
We run, work, stay busy
Make grand plans for
the tomorrows that
arrive much too soon.
Whenever life overwhelms
I pause to think about you


174 thoughts on “Life In An Hour Glass

  1. Okay so
    .. remember when I gave The password to a photo of me? Did you also look at it? I only ask out of curiosity and a weird remembering of that day. Only a handful of people have seen my face around here. I was wondering if you had, too

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              1. Wow.
                I thought I had slightly insane tendencies but she is unbalanced. I am convinced she is a narcissist, and I mean that in the full psychological definition. I live with one. I know them well. You didn’t fall apart, didn’t give her fuel, which is what these people desire and she is unsatisfied. And so now she is seeking to pour her darkness anywhere she can, hoping it will reach you.
                We were NOT close at all. I promise you that. Any interaction we had, you witnessed it. She did that to control you because I suspect she knew we would click, as she is probably very perceptive amongst all her insanity.
                To be honest, I thought the poem was pretty poor and I am not saying that to be a bitch. Of course she wants a reunion. Why wouldn’t she. Especially if she has seen how we talk, hence the quoting of the song at the start. She may have dumped you but she didn’t think that would be the end of her control and that you have resisted her is…perfect for me and the worst things you could have done to her.

                As I said, I know how to deal with poisonous people, even more effectively out of my own home. I am an expert. She can’t phase me


                    1. Okay…

                      I have YouTube on the TV right now and, no joke, it’s all Latin music. So we go from despacito, to a bit more Daddy Yankee of course and a little more Fonsi to some J balvin (I find Tranquila incredibly hot!) And some Nicky Jam, a bit of Enrique, ozuna, then randomly Santana (Maria Maria and smooth, obviously) and then it kind of drifts into 90s music and eventually Adele. That’s a summary of me pretty much.

                      Thoughts, lol?


                    2. Oh my god…smiling so much…you are insane

                      (I am right now stalking your blog reading your old poems but staying silent…just FYI)


                      Yes. Of course…


                    3. Or stop letting Fiery distract you from your other admirers.

                      Obviously I MUCH EFFING MORE than admire you.
                      You know what I mean.

                      Focus Mr Lonely Author.

                      Did you see my email?

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