WordPress won’t let me comment on your posts.

Chimpanzee with Hand Over Eyes --- Image by © Bob Elsdale/Corbis

WordPress has done it again.  Now, I can’t leave comments on your posts.  After leaving several dozen messages, I realize they aren’t being published to your blogs.

Please someone lie to me and tell me one day WordPress will get their stuff together.

Please feel free to imagine I left one of my Chimpisms on your blog page.

This is sooo frustrating.



191 thoughts on “WordPress won’t let me comment on your posts.

  1. My comments three times in a row all would end up in WP awaiting approval section of people’s blogs! I am hortivle at looking so glad a few finally found my comments and approved them, Drew! Sad but I will like this post but not the result or action going on! 😦

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      1. I just need to stay on top of them! A lot of nice people are there but sometimes I do have a worm from a bad contact. I see the screen blacken from the taking over process and close the whole blog down! Just not always fast enough! It cost money at Verizon to get it rebooted and virus out! Barb, I appreciate your opinion though!! 💕

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  2. I recently took part in a bloggers conference were one of the guest speakers made a great big list of all the reason why no-one should use WordPress.com for a blogging platform. I have to admit, since writing down all his notes and researching them since I returned home I have to admit I think he is right.
    – Did you know that Alexa has issues rating a WordPress site?
    – Its harder to be found on Google because of the issues with the code?
    – Google crawls are much more difficult with a WordPress.com site and so you rank lower.
    – You are limited with Meta Tags (which enables your sight to be found)
    – Your not allowed to advertise or monetise your blog to make any money to pay for promotions which makes yo wonder why your blogging in the first place!
    – You can’t change your layout
    – They have only two social media icons (Facebook and Twitter)
    – Services like Aweber and Mailchimp contain JavaScript. Therefore, you can’t use them on your blog at WordPress.com. Instead, you have to link to an off-site email opt-in form, which might cause your opt-in rates to plummet.
    – WordPress subscription doesn’t allow you to keep your subscribers email addresses
    – WordPress subscription doesn’t allow you to send emails when You want.
    – You can’t add your own videos whiteout uploading to Youtube (video channel) first
    – You cannot use plugins

    Oh, and the big one – If you host your blog at WordPress.com, their Terms Of Service (TOS) very clearly states that WordPress.com “may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.”
    If all you want is a place to express yourself on the web, then a free blog at WordPress.com is probably just fine.

    If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, the only way you’re going to accomplish these things is by self-hosting your blog.

    But don’t just take my word for it. WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, sums up the difference between WordPress.com and a self-hosted WordPress blog like this:

    Hosting your site on WordPress.com is like renting an apartment, as opposed to a self-hosted WordPress blog that you own outright.

    With a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can do anything you want. Knock down walls. Redecorate it any way you want. But you’re responsible for the upkeep as well. (i.e. security update, backups, feature upgrades)

    Whereas with WordPress.com everything is done for you. But you lose some control.


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  3. Bravo! WP still has to get its act together. Do some bloggers actviely refuse comments on their blog aticles. If this is the case an editorial warning should be posted informing fellow bloggers not to waste their time trying to write a resopnse.

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  4. Cute picture 😄. So sorry to hear that you’re having blurred vision and based on one of your other posts I see that you were awaiting surgery. I hope this gets or by now, has gotten resolved and you’re on your way to recovery.


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