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She loved him in loud silence
her heart cried out in quiet agony
every day that she went unnoticed
led to barren nights lost in chastity

She loved him from a distance
thought she worked by his side
they would be so perfect together
her insecurities dared not confide

She vowed to love him for eternity
her life lacked rhythm or rhyme
she would adore him in loud silence
With a heartfelt pantomime


This a reblog for anyone who may have missed it the first time and for my newer blogging friends.  Still struggling with the vision.  I have tried to keep up with the reading posts. WordPress still does not allow me to comment on blogs.  Miss the conversations.  I will reply on my blog today, if WordPress allows.

Wiahing all my friends the best.  Be happy. Be well.


210 thoughts on “Pantomime

        1. No, the doctors are having problems with the coordination of this thing. I don’t know if you read a post about my surgery, I went over two months with no use of my arms after my spine surgery. So we should never assume anything.

          You will be fine. I just know it. xoxo

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          1. Thank you. I feel as well prepared as I can be. I do remember your post. I think I’m struggling with having to give up control here. It will probably be easier than I think, but I tend to expect the worst. God, imagine if I wasn’t on anti-anxiety meds, I would be crazed by now. This is very mellow for me 😉

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            1. The post was When My Wife Became My Hero. She has to do EVERYTHING for me. and I mean EVERYTHING. lol Don’t worry be happy. Everything will turn out okay. Allie always laughs at me. I walk into surgeries as if they were trips to candy store. Flirting with all the nurses and stuff like that.

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              1. Well, I do have gorgeous doctors! No wonder we’re friends, we are very medically oriented Lol. I do NOT want to think about what poor Allie had to do for you, that is true love! And of course I would do it for hubby and he for me. That’s life sometimes xoxo.


      1. Your writing holds depth and layers, Drew. You write from your soul. ❤
        Hope your eye surgery gets coordinated. On 9/20 I get my eyes measured for my one cataract surgery and new lens. I think it is cool they measure both so they will balance each other. 😉 My surgery isn't until end of October.

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          1. Bt dear dew !! Having love is a blessed side love too vunerable n as worship of is beyond of realitic world bt near by of God.i think coz i have felt dis.dis type person is never alone coz those feelings r forever with our litratures,mostly writers have discribed about of dis love.personal love converts in God’s n its universe”s n humanity means no getting bt sacrificing.

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          2. No.unloved is no one sadess thing because he/she have a lot of feelings.these feelings r forever with him.dt guy never be alone coz of his beloved’s soulmate dis rememrance always walks with him.u know-true love demands one side or both side is love who converts in spritual love at last.r u agree?dew !! Plz reply.

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