The Stripper (100 Words)


The Stripper  (100 Words)

The seductive stripper swayed onto the stage.

Her motions were as smooth as her glistening abdomen. Oscillating hips accentuated her beguiling figure.

Every graceful movement concealed her pain. Her sensual gyrations confirmed her loneliness.

Dancing to forget, she was poetry in motion.

She offered her nakedness to their lustful eyes.

Her sad eyes mirrored her dark and barren life.

Loud music reverberated in her heart like thunderbolts echoing in a cave. The songs failed to silence the cries inside her head.

The stripper communicated her passions through dance.

Unveiling her body to so many.

She revealed her soul to none.



169 thoughts on “The Stripper (100 Words)

  1. My best friend was a stripper and all I can say is you pretty much summed up her entire self. Her emotions hidden somewhere in the far back of her soul, showing only contempt towards those wanting her. Hard job I would say

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  2. This is true for many people. I have worked as a dancer for many years and gone through my fair share of hard times, there are many obstacles to overcome if you want to be successful. My wife has helped me move through so many of those challenges, I am so grateful to her. Now I can say that I truly show up to my work, and it’s something that customers notice to. That I have light in my eyes and love what I do. Make $1000 in a night? Who can hate on that? The judgement is the reason why only a handful of people in my life know what I do.

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  3. Hi, Stripper here. This is pretty and props for that, but for everyone commenting on how our “souls must be removed from our body” as we “hide pain”, this is the case about as often as it is in any profession. Of course you can find sad and lonely baristas/lawyers/receptionists etc, but it’s so condescending to see us strippers as a sea of women hiding our pain. I work with bright and amazing women who also happen to put tons of dance talent and hot bodies to get some extra money from!

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  4. As a stripper, I’ll have to disagree with the stereotype.
    Most strippers are not sad and messed up people. I’ve always viewed it as freedom. I am my own boss. I own a business. That business is myself. I go to work if I feel like it, I don’t if I don’t want to and I travel where I want to, when I want to. There’s a club to work in nearly any place I’d like to go.
    This is the hardest job becasue not becasue of the pain people asume we feel but, becasue it’s mentally and physically demanding. Sometimes I make $1k in a night. Sometimes I end up owing the venue money. Sometimes, you’re told “No” all night and you wonder if it’s something you’re doing wrong. This job is one of the hardest because you never know if you’re going home with anything. It is one of the most judged. My mother tried to convince me that it’s the lowest on the totem pole. I completely disagree with that statement. The only reason why it’s viewed so shitty is becasue you’re nude. Becasue the television programs have told you it’s the worst for your child. The movies make it look like we’re easy sluts. We are not easy sluts. We do not have sex for money. Most of us have significant others, children, families, Wives/Husbands. Most of us are not unhappy. Most of us are very well off and our lives changed becasue of this job.

    I’m not angry or upset. I wasn’t f*cked up as a child. Nobody hurt me. I don’t go out crazy on drugs or alcohol. I don’t f*ck multiple partners every night of the week. No, we wont go back to your hotel room. (Please, just stop trying.) I am not going to give you extras. I’m not letting you grope me. Strippers are actually sane people. We aren’t unhappy. I am for one the happiest I’ve ever been. We typically are helping people gain confidence. I usually end up talking to a man for hours while charging them to do so. Some people really just need a friend to talk to. Why not a woman dressed up and willing to talk to you. One who can dance and speak with confidence. I’ve been roomered to be a “sex slave” That is completely untrue. I am in no way a slave… nobody is forcing me to do anthing. Nobody forced me into the industry. Nobody is holding me against my will. I am not having sex with anyone. The industry is the Sex Industry but that only means I’m getting naked and there are sexes involved.
    If anyone is the sad, depressed, hurt human in this situation I’d pitty the customers. Some want a good time, Some will do anything to prove to a pretty woman that they have enough to be worthy of my time. Some hurt so bad that this is the way they can even talk to me. Some are just lonely peole. We have many regulars in my home club who sit for hours nad don’t really talk because they are afraid. I was once so shy, so much social anxiety that I couldn’t even hand someone money for gas. This industry has cured me of that. I once had no confidence what so ever. I decided to become a stripper because I was ready to get over my shyness. I NEEDED to know how to talk to other humans. I NEEDED my life to change in a great way!

    My bad for writing a whole book. I just hate how so many people assume I must be a total mess inside.

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