Let’s see if I can kick start this blog again.  This post seems like an appropriate reminder for this time of year.  We have much to be grateful for.



They buried Jessie’s older brother today

he just finished turning five

she never had a toy, tv, or internet

yet she’s grateful to be alive

her brother taught her one through ten

by counting her fragile ribs

now she smiles when her stomach growls

as Mama feeds the newborn in the crib

Jessie runs barefoot down a dirt road

in a tattered dress of white

with baby fed, Mama has only one concern

will Jessie eat tonight


According to the United Nations World Food Programme statistics, approximately 3.1 million children under the age of five die each year from hunger or poor nutrition.


Hola everybody.  Hope all of you are well.

It has been several weeks since I stopped by. The health of daughter’s mother has taken a turn for  the worse.  Bad news appears to arrive every week. It has been busy comfortingCatherine and her mother.

My eye surgery is scheduled for Thursday January 12th.  I wanted to touch base with everyone before my long winter vacation.  I will be around for the next week harassing you with comments and Chimpism.

It feels good to be back.

Have a good one.  Be well.





106 thoughts on “Jessie

    1. Thank you so much.

      Yes, there is hunger in our part of the world. You know, I can accept some of the world’s problems, but hunger? This really bothers me. Here in the United States so much food is thrown away. There hads to be a sustainable solution.

      Great to hear from you. Thanks.

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  1. Tubularsock wishes you all well. Being an optimistic-cynic Tubularsock finds the road always leads somewhere and you are going in that direction anyway unless you’re not.
    So, “you smoke one joint in the morning, you smoke one joint at night, you smoke one joint in the afternoon makes you feel alright . . .” Take Care!

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  2. It’s so good to hear from you. Your poem is beautiful, sad, stirring, tugging at the heart strings. As you always do with your words. I wish you and your family well in all of your health and life challenges. Take care and welcome back. I’ve missed you.

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    1. I have missed you too. You are always on my mind. Your positive messages and amazing posts were missing from my life.

      Regarding my little poem, world hunger is a problem that world leaders should resolve once and for all.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I will do my best to help my daughter during this period of transition. It is a part of life we must all experience and learn from.

      How are you and the family. I hope all is well. Thank you.

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      1. Hi Andrew, I agree with you on the issues of world hunger, it’s hard to believe in our unbalanced world that leaders have not been able to tackle this important issue. I hope that changes.
        Thinking of you and your family at this time. As for me and mine, well life throws us challenges but we keep rolling with it. I’m doing okay. Thank you for your kind wishes as well.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and for remembering me. Child hunger is a very sad problem. An issue that the leaders of the world must eliminate.

      I will try to write more often. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it.

      Be well.


  3. Such a poignant reminder, Andrew. There truly should not be hungry children in this day and age. My heart breaks for you and Cat and your family, yet I’m thrilled that your eye surgery will finally get done. What an upheaval of emotions! Sending love and prayers…

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    1. You made me tear up. Thank you. It has been rough. Trying my best to help Cat through this difficult time. And honestly, it has me reliving my own struggles years earlier when my father passed in my arms and cancer took my mother three years later.

      I have missed the blog. It would have been a a great release of emotions for me.

      Thank you for all of your support.

      Missed you. xoxoxo

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  4. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    My dear friend Andrew, Sorry to hear of your trials and problems within health of you and family, but it’s a real pleasure, no a joy to read another of your great writings and can only .. Trials and Tribulations are sent to test use not for now but for the future alas .. So be strong of ♥️and love will shine through as you travel on your path of life … Be well my friend in my 🙏now and always for you and your family too .. God Bless … Ian PS Need to talk … Always here .. Your a ⭐️in my book of life .. Amen ..Ian

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    1. Ian, thank you so uch for this amazing comment. You made my day. It has been a challenge. Hoping to bring as much comfort as I can to my daughter and her mom. Missed reading your news updates. Especially after these amazing elections.

      Thank you Ian.

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  5. I was happy to see your post pop up in my email, but I’m so sorry to hear about the difficulties. Take care of yourself and those important people in your life. Good luck with the eye surgery. Sending hugs and healing light your way.

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  6. SO happy to see your name appear on my reader this morning. I actually gasped and a HUGE smile spread across my face. I’ve missed you terribly.
    Your writing tore at my heart, as did your update. I am sending all the positive energy and love I have to you and your loved ones as you continue the battle. Hope you have a speedy recovery and the new year brings you all peace and love. 💋

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  7. There are too many Jessies in this world. I always feel guilty when Thanksgiving approached. There will be ao much food on our table, while many children will go to bed hungry that night.

    Me, I am trying to help my daughter through this period of transition. It is not easy. She is working as she goes through her final year of college. And now her mother’s health has taken a bad turn.

    That is life.

    I hope you and yours are well. So happy to hear from you.

    Bless you.


  8. Funny thing happened on the way to the blog – I commented on your touching poem, Jessie, you replied, and then they both disappeared.

    I began by writing: Andrew, it’s so good to hear from you again, though I’m saddened by your family news.…

    I won’t try to reconstruct the comment, but I am glad you’re back, I wish your family well at this stressful time, and I hope all of you find strength to deal with your difficulties. Always here for you – I’ve got big shoulders.

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  9. It’s good to have you back! I’ve been checking your blog every day. I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re facing right now, but stay strong, for this too shall pass.

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  10. Lord, Andrew, you know how to tug the heartstrings.
    I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts, and hope everything works out as it should. Have a nice, relaxing vacation. I’ve been on one of sorts myself since late September.
    All the best to you, my friend. 😊

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  11. the story is so well done and yes… so so so heartbreaking because it is a sad truth. 😦

    BTW, I am so happy to see you back. But reading your updates, hmmm… I am sending hugs and prayers for you and your family. May the surgery be a successful one! 🙂

    And.. this: “I will be around for the next week harassing you with comments and Chimpism.”, sounds like a great plan! 😀

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  12. Yeah.u r right said dt there r too many jessies in dis world.u know- my three children r always prepare to help all hungers bt dt is not enough.all world’s leader should make a policy for all jessies n likewise other families who r living in ‘ so much poor life.

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  13. Sounds like you’re going through a tough time.. I send you Angel Blessings and wish you and your family well… Good luck with your operation in January too! Take care of yourself and I look forward to your return when you are able.. xx

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  14. Andrew, what a beautiful poem and reminder for all of us. Gratitude can fill us up from the inside out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your loved ones 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear the news about Catherine’s mom, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. That’s great you finally have a surgery date for your eye, I hope you’re doing well during the waiting period, I know that can be hard.

    Miss you lots, so great to see your post as always.

    Please take good care,

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