The day was dressed in ominous gray.

That never stopped hopeful Helen cause

She realized the sun shined anyway.

Negative thoughts never clouded her mind.

Since her bed rested against the left wall

she always woke on the right side of the bed.

She once broke her heel leaving a romantic bar.

Falling on her back, she relished her luck

It was the perfect night to admire the stars.

Photo borrowed from Google.

Be gentle people. Trying to knock off a year and a half of rust.

Wifey and Chimp are well. Eye recovery didn’t go as planned, but life is what happens while you’re making other plans.

It feels good to be back. Be well.


193 thoughts on “Helen

  1. First sorry to hear about the eye operation but with wisdom like yours and writing like this you are in my eyes a brilliant, talented but most of all humble, honourable human being and that as Rebecca said to the Roman soldier in Nazareth when asked why did he not heal her of her infirmity ……God has a reason for people to see me like this and when he’s ready put me right …. It was just to get the soldier to understand faith not physical healing …..You heal by words and god is the word & love …Ian

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  2. Andrew…welcome back my friend, I’ve really missed you and have thought about how your recovery has been. I’m so sorry it didn’t go as planned but despite all that, you are still strong and have your witty sense of humor that I just love! ❀ I hope you will write more and visit my blog too. I just started working as a nurse again in the OR but at a children's hospital here. Lots of love and prayers to you, your beautiful wife and daughter. XO

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    1. Oh my. I thought you weren’t here in wordpress. Are you still blogging? I haven’t seen any posts.

      I was thinking about you during my absence; trying to remind myself to stay positive.

      It is so wonderful hearing from you. How are you?


      1. Hi Andrew thank you always for your very kind words it’s so great you’re back! 😊 Yes I’m here in WordPress but I only have time to blog about once a month because of my work. I have a new one coming out soon…

        My book came out in May last year so it’s been quite a time with that. I am doing well my friend..getting better each day and I hope you are too 😊

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          1. Thanks so much Andrew you’re so nice 😊 The title of the book is “Winning While Losing: The Upside of Heartbreak” by Jennifer Green. In the U.S. it’s available at online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble 😊 Hope you have a great weekend ahead

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