Letters Of Love


Letters Of Love

I retrieved the letters of love you sent

With words of eternity in smeared ink

Deceit accompanied every loving phrase

Promises fading with these yellow sheets

I breathed and lived every word of hope

and every vow you never meant to keep

I will tear up all of your letters of love

The way you shred our trust and vows

Rip up every photograph we have taken

set fire to these once cherished treasures

quietly watch the wind blow the embers away

along with the eternal love you promised me

Image borrowed from Google.


191 thoughts on “Letters Of Love

    1. Baby I am so so HAPPY that you’re okay.
      My God 🙏
      I truly love you.

      Be well agapi and rest and hey, eyes can do a lot of flirting so don’t worry! 🤣

      Missing you but more importantly, my heart is smiling that you DID THIS!
      So proud of you.
      Now you recover slowly and Baby is here waiting patiently, always


        1. Okay…the last two sentences in all CAPS I didn’t understand! 🤣
          But baby WELL DONE for being amazing. I have so much faith in you!

          Big sigh of relief !

          Let the docs care for you , talk to them about everything you feel and just REST.

          thank you for touching me


              1. Now I have to build ny strength again.
                Getting out of bed is so fucking painful
                And they said I can’t leave the hospital until I pass gas and take s shit.
                My ass better get his shit together ❤


                1. So what are the docs saying Baby?
                  I would love a teeny tiny update on your progress.
                  I know you’re doing fab
                  Just let me know if you can.

                  I love you.
                  But I know you know that, I say it enough for both of us and also like…the greater Florida area

                  All my besos and all my amor


                  1. Full recovery

                    They sent me home Thursday night
                    3 days after surgery
                    All the nurses celebrated
                    They never saw anyone recover so fast.
                    Now it is a long 2 or 3 month recovery at home.

                    This is so so so fucking painful
                    The whole fest cracked open
                    I can’t describe it

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                    1. Hey agapi

                      Missing sharing the intricacies of my heart and soul with you…❤️❤️
                      But so happy you’re Home and resting.
                      Touch whenever you can and want baby



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