The Old Man

Man and pidgeons

The Old Man

The old man journeyed to the park

Where all of his friends convened

He conversed with every pigeon

Because no one else would listen.

The old man always traveled light

Nothing more than lint in his pockets

and a mind no longer carrying the burden

of melancholy memories long forgotten.


221 thoughts on “The Old Man

  1. Great post Andrew …Reminds me so much of my care for elderly and when l stayed over after my shift and read to some of them and after finishing l was always told …..nobody speaks to me so thanks please come again …. its so lonely ….l learned that most of those in the home used any excuse to get attention and from asking for the toilet or asking for pain killers even when they were not in pain …..and some others just said l was abandoned by my family and put in here, and forgot about me …this post sums up loneliness of the mind perfectly…… Great insight my friend …Ian πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘β­οΈ

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    1. Wow, Ian thank you very much for your kind words. I see so many elderly people here in New York. And they appear to be fending for themselves all the time. It is really sad.

      Great work on your part to devote time to the elderly. ou are a good man.

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      1. You are very kind Andrew coming out of finance into healthcare was part of the need l know God did so when my mother was ill and needed me l had the skills that were given to me for just the purpose ….But the elderly are proud and will never admit needing help it cones from their time many during the wars β€˜ Making Do and Mend β€˜ was their way to survive and the word in Roman is Caritas meaning charity and we say it begins at home as the Romans lived in family communities and that was so the could care for their elderly and thus apply Caritas …

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  2. He sounds happy even though he maybe poor and have Alzheimer’s or something or just old age, his life is great for him. He has a purpose and I think that’s one of the keys to staying healthy and living old no matter where you live.

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  3. What a great little story. Sad but happy. It kind of reminds me of not only my grandpa but my husband’s as well. And I LOVE the inspiration for it. What a great idea for a prompt! I never thought of using an image as inspiration like that. Awesome post!

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