The Way Things Used To Be


The Way Things Used To Be


Our home has become as lonely

as the last leaf on a dying tree

laughter no longer reverberates against walls

we consummated with our love

old arguments replay themselves endlessly

like a scratched record avoiding the next beat

the eerie shadows of who we once were

turn us into restless spirits of the night 

as we haunt ourselves with stained memories of

the way things used to be


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219 thoughts on “The Way Things Used To Be

  1. I love this melancholy piece – beautiful..
    It’s funny – I love writing happy pieces but I also really enjoy writing dark sad ones and not because my life is such.. I actually love my life and everyone in it.. I love wearing the dark emotions for a moment..
    I never thought to point out that it’s fiction.. good move
    I just love writing every emotion 😊

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    1. We are cut from the same cloth. I am so happy with my life. I try to write all emotions, but I find the sad and darker pieces come easier to me.

      Yeah, without the disclaimer the questions start pouring in. lol

      Thank you for your comments.

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      1. Truly welcome just love your writing it’s brilliant Andrew … Leaps and Bounds is the best words to use … deep and truly meaningful with that haunting feeling of longing within …. so true that beast writers ..write what they feel about pain …Ian ⭐️

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  2. old arguments replay themselves endlessly…..I fell in love with this line…I also write might like to check them out.. Though yours seems too good

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                1. No seriously, I agree with you. A poem will lose its punch with the disclaimer. I thank you for your input. You are the only person who has been honest about that. And that was the same thing I was already thinking.

                  Thank you.


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