The Way Things Used To Be


The Way Things Used To Be


Our home has become as lonely

as the last leaf on a dying tree

laughter no longer reverberates against walls

we consummated with our love

old arguments replay themselves endlessly

like a scratched record avoiding the next beat

the eerie shadows of who we once were

turn us into restless spirits of the night 

as we haunt ourselves with stained memories of

the way things used to be


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219 thoughts on “The Way Things Used To Be

    1. LOL I am going to start using disclaimers to save myself the trouble of having to explain myself. Obviously, I did experience this in the past, so I drew on those memories. (An old actor’s trick I learned a long time ago).

      Thank you for your kind words.

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  1. “The eerie shadows of who we once were,turns us into restless in night…..”wonderful lines as metaphor for real life of this world i thinking right ?dear andrews? I think dt mostly guys are suffering in this situation.

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  2. “the eerie shadowos of who we were turn us into restless spirits of the night….”amaging metaphor for mostly human’s lives in this world.i am feeling as my heart say that a normal preson suffers in this situation.but why we think it in dis way.if we want then we can enjoy in such situation because life has mostly in such shape n as examination which taken by supersoul.hey dear!!am i thinking right?plz reply.

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  3. A beautiful poem Andrew, love holds the potential for heartbreak. Anyone who has been in love probably has experienced periods of difficult times, suffered the ending of a deep love affair. Still, being in love is an awesome gift. Your poetry is lovely, deep, and thoughtful… I appreciate the disclaimer, I would not want you to suffer pain in any way, though writing is wonderful therapy. Warm wishes my friend.

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  4. It sounds like maintaining involvement, joy, and a sense of excitement has become difficult with time. Maybe they just both have to make an effort, have a date night at least twice a month if there’s kids, more if there’s not. Learn about each other again, pray, and make an effort to learn new things and experiences together. Show interest even if they’re not a huge fan, this makes such a difference b/c either spouse would know other is making an effort, find the ‘us’ again and finding that also means having separate interests and experiences to share. Listening is good too. I know this all easier said then done, but there’s hope right? .

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