How Many Flowers Have To Die (Tears For Parkland, Florida)


How Many Flowers Have To Die


Beautiful gardens full of life

warming us with their hope.

Gardens so full of innocence,

the innocence we lose every

time a storm of hate invades.

When will we cultivate love,

or are we waiting to discover

how many flowers have to die.


Photo from Google Images.

My deepest condolences to the the victims, families, and community of Parkland, Florida.  Florida.




241 thoughts on “How Many Flowers Have To Die (Tears For Parkland, Florida)

  1. Beautiful sentiments, Andrew. I’m glad that the teenagers are raising their voices. Perhaps they can accomplish what the grown-ups have failed to do – protect them. I’m starting to have hope that maybe we can curb the insanity that robs so many in this country of their futures.

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    1. Emily, I guess you didn’t notice I have a little image on my home page. I don’t participate in the giving and receiving of awards. And now, with my vision problems and limited blogging time,, I really can’t. Thanks for understanding.

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      1. Social media could be the worst part! Such a double edged sword. I love my social media, and also the ability to spread important news (eg. Amber alerts, etc) quickly. But it has also become such a vile platform for people. It’s too easy nowadays for hateful, angry people to hide behind their screens and say things they never would in person. So sad. The younger generation seemingly has no idea that words and actions have consequences because they never have to “see” them.

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  2. My heartly consolation to people of Parkland,Florida.dear andrews!!it is the tragic aspect of human we can do nothing but only give consolation n prayers for them who are much sad news.

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        1. By the way, there is a comment you left me advising me how to fix this problem I ma having with tons of posts in my comments. Soon, I will be upgrading my blog and at that point I will fix everything once and for all.

          I couldn’t reply because I had already deleted the post. Thanks for your help. Mucho appreciated.

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