My Words Of Love On You


My Words Of Love On You


How I yearn to create a verse

as inspiring as my loving muse.

Yet no recital, no symphony

nor poem will be as beautiful

as having my lips engrave 

my words of love on you.



Photo taken from Google Images.



298 thoughts on “My Words Of Love On You

  1. I’m really glad you reposted this, Andrew. The hint of eroticism in a sublimely beautiful verse is just spectacular. Beautiful muse to have inspired such a terrific write. The image of you writing verses on her body is breathtaking. Sigh! A stunning tracery of love

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  2. Love is the most powerful emotion in the world ….Traces of love are for lifetime …Somewhere I heard that …” My love is not dominated by my feelings. .”

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      1. I admire your words ….So reading them is a pleasure for me ……Love holds infinite possibilities …For writing or anything …

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