She Writes For Me


She Writes For Me


No one knows our secret

Our beautiful connection

From her pen

To my heart

She writes of love

She writes of me

Perhaps she’ll write tonight

so I can read her words

and pretend

she writes for me.


Image borrowed from Google Images.

DISCLAIMER. Fiction, though I wish it wasn’t.


221 thoughts on “She Writes For Me

  1. a beautiful post Andrew, love it ❤ yes, I shall write today…haha, just kidding 🙂 but perhaps I will but words for the world as a whole, I cannot pick favorites you know 🙂 man, it's so nice to have you back 🙂

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      1. after I catch up on all of my reading (300+ emails) but I will sneak something through, and yes, it’s good to see you back, you were missed. I get sad when people drop off of the face of WP, some never come back and I always then wonder….. ❤

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