Huddled Inside My Soul


Huddled Inside My Soul


Come to me

On your darkest day.

as shadows consume your light,

as tears douse the overwhelming fires

choking you in their solitary smoke.

Come to me

when your heart falls into the abyss

drowning in dark seas of solitude,

in a world eclipsed by loneliness.

Come to me

I can make you whole,

basking in my light,

once you are

huddled inside my soul.


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298 thoughts on “Huddled Inside My Soul

  1. You got me with the title itself. Huddled inside your soul provides such a breathtaking image. the compassion in your soul shines through in this poem. Bravo, my dear.
    P.S. This didn’t appear on my reader either. Im so pissed with WP

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    1. Yeah I don’t think it appeared in anyone’s reader. Thank you for letting me know.

      As for my soul. I have so much love to give, I have a place to harbor and protect the weary. Of course it is available to you.


  2. This is gold! I love and have been enjoying your work for a long time now, and I think it’s high time that you publish a book, Andrew.

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      1. That’s wonderful! Hopefully, one day, I’ll be seeing a screenplay by you.

        You’re most welcome, Andrew. Keep up the wonderful writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Wonderfully written as inspiration for a most depressed person.image are so much beautiful.yeah it is enough to say to somebody-“i can make you whole;basking in my light….”most motivating lines.all poem is full of lovely words,dear andrews!!

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  4. In boliwood old movie’s song is a little bit same as your poem”if anybody may hurt your heart ; leave you aching alone in your darkness ,then you come my dear……”.this is a special song for me because many years ago ,my beloved would sing dt song many times for me.i loved him very much but he was married having a baby i had not expressed my emotions for him towatds him and ignored.but still now he was often remided me in my memory when i hear that song.he was really most kind person n helping know memory is stubborn.i will send dis song with english translation if can search dt on google,dear.oh andrews!!you have reminded me my old kindhearted i don’t know-where is he?

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      1. Yeah.but i most love my sweet memories belonged from my first spritual love.that’s feelings are alive still now n have most importance in my life.he knows this fact n keeps its glory.

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  5. No.i don’t know-he was my beloved or only friend.becase before meeting him i have given my heart to my university’s life unfogettable is not my fault ,dear andrews.!!what do you think on my dis first love was last love n will be in my memory forever.dt love was pure as worship of God.we both talked only by touch,no datinig n no promise.he had perposed me but i had not replied coz of my shyness.

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    1. Many times our first love is the most powerful love. And we cannot forget them no matter how hard we try. Oh, my you never replied. That is so sad. You may have lost the perfect person for you. He could be your soul mate.


      1. are right.he could be my perfect person,n i have lost him coz of my innocence n shyness.his life has suffered many tragic events as my life.but now i can not do anything beside best wishing n praying from it is enough to me that he n me regards each i right,dear andtews!!

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          1. Oh my dear andrews!! how can i tell you.?i am with my family with full loyality but he has disturbed i said that now i can not do for him anything but only praying for him.perhaps he is divorced n adjusted according as he like.

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          1. In indian culture-we think that we can get physical love after a little bit or more struggle but true love which we can not get ,are converted in spritual love who is soul says-in next birth we both will meet each other surely.

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  6. Your poetry is breathtaking. I enjoyed this poem so much. The power of soulmates (if you believe in them) ;). Thank you always for posting- get your work published!

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