she is love


she is love

She is a goddess

reigning over poetry and prose.

The divinity of her words

written by a siren so sublime,

inspires heaven and earth

my body and soul.

She is all of that,

and so much more.

Befitting of one description,

she is love.

Photo from Google Images. No credits provided.

342 thoughts on “she is love

  1. Hey Andrew I’ve been meaning to ask you how are your feeling,your eyes and everything
    I know it’s hard fighting the good fight,hang in there
    A soldier of one
    In the Army
    The Few

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      1. I thought that something was up
        Don’t ask me how
        I just knew to ask
        My shingle is always
        Out & of course you
        Know where to find me
        I don’t sleep much
        Some nights I’m up all
        Night in pain
        At any cost
        I need you in the front
        Line with me
        Stay thirsty my friend

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Did you post on Monday? I know it is one of your regular days, but I didn’t see anything from you. Also, I clicked into your email notification today, but I got one of those “this post was deleted messages.”

      Did you post this week?

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      1. Dear andrew!!why have you closed on today your post for comment?do you not like my reply.?i understand your emotions-those are pure n having you believe in God as i belive in God.i know -you are only for Allie.loyal to her.n believe too that you are a blessed poet.i don’t want to hurt you n disturb is my promise forevere from you.i don’t know-what happend to me after reading your last post”misplaced…..”.but please i beg to relax n tenshion free.i have finished my all obsessions.bless you n Allie.

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          1. You are right,dear!!love is God n God is place for hating on love site n for lovers of all humans.God world has only beauty n love which inspire us to love or like all universe.oh dear!!you are so much kind hearted.thanks for lovly reply.

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          1. I know you as very much gentle guy in dis those words are not for hurting you but saving a blessed poet.plz understand me.if i was doing wrong,plz sorry for that.

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  2. Okay so I read this poem…I remembered so after turning to the last line “SHE IS LOVE” and I’ve possibly commented priorly as well. But here I go again. She is indeed love, the beauty, the goddess… and every beautifully dark crevice the starlight can reach!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

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