Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams

Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams


After a night of fighting demons

she awakens to a lonesome world of

misplaced laughter and broken dreams.


A melancholy stranger who has forgotten

how to live occupies her fractured mirror,

an unwanted spirit in a reoccurring theme.


She inhales oxygen and exhales pain as she

lives her lonely life with a nostalgic longing

to rediscover the happy girl she used to be.



254 thoughts on “Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams

  1. Only you would be so in tune to someone who needs to rediscover the wonderful person she once was. It’s hard to come back to a place of self acceptance after a terrible romance. I wish her happiness and joy. And you, Andrew – I wish everyone had a friend like you.

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  2. Very good poem! It raises questions.
    Perhaps there is a thin, ironic thread starting from a melancholic stranger.
    But what does it all mean if she feels alive and happy? Is not that the purpose of Love?
    Thank you for sharing!
    there is no
    beginning and end

    what is completed
    and what has begun

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                    1. Companionship. Friendship. Your inspiration.
                      And the promise that no matter how frustrated you get with WP and the herd you will continue to blogeth.

                      Oh, we are another post.

                      Continue to write. For reading your words will always be my greatest honor.

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            1. And that is the nicest compliment anyone could give me. It means a lot, A Lot, Megha. Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart. May God always bless you and the Muse of Poetry too. Lots of love and warmest wishes

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