Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams

Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams


After a night of fighting demons

she awakens to a lonesome world of

misplaced laughter and broken dreams.


A melancholy stranger who has forgotten

how to live occupies her fractured mirror,

an unwanted spirit in a reoccurring theme.


She inhales oxygen and exhales pain as she

lives her lonely life with a nostalgic longing

to rediscover the happy girl she used to be.


254 thoughts on “Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams

    1. Nandita is one of the most talented women I have ever met. She is blessed with intelligence, beauty, and compassion. Any emptiness she may have is due to her ultra high expectations of herself and life. Someday, she will look inside her heart, and learn that true beauty resides inside. And when she looks inside her heart she will understand. Then she will feel complete.

      Thank you for reading my friend. I appreciate your comments.

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      1. A woman can breakdown temporary as her inbuilt strength will gradually ask her, “Get up, collect those broken pieces n let them vanish. Become a warrior again n rejoin the heart with freshness. Spread love n be pure soul.” May b this answers all.

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  1. I wept after reading this. For a long while, I just sat staring at this screen. And I still don’t know what to say. Maybe I’ll say it best through my next post. For now, let me tell you this has touched me beyond words. Thank you my dear for your gift of friendship and love.

    Besitos y abragoz

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    1. Nandita, I am humbled that this touched you. I am delighted that you connected with this. No, I should thank you for your friendship and support. You are a warm wonderful person. Looking forward to reading your writing.

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  2. I may have to write a male mirror to this moment that you captured here because it inspired me. I’ll be sure to give credit where it is do. Good art relates to something you’ve experienced in your soul, and this is captured very well here.

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    1. Ana, I am so sorry that you could relate to this in anyway. I am humbled that you did, but I rather you tell me your days are always filled with sunshine and smiles.

      Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts. It is greatly appreciated.

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          1. I think so…
            Sorry, you are both experiencing such unpleasantness.
            It can be wrapped up by Monday.
            I’m always having a great day.
            Things will be fine.
            You have my word.
            Have a nice day/evening.

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  3. What lovely words, Andrew! Nandita sounds amazing. I’m going to check out her blog before I leave the blogosphere.

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    1. Yes. Thanks for the reblog. I read something yesterday and commented on another blog. And they credited it to you. So, I am telling you I read something last night that was really good and it was written by you. Sorry, I can’t remember what> And I am ot talking about that casserole. ;p;


      1. Well—the cassarole was discussed. Some of my readers think the things I re-post are my work—and I’m not sure how to correct that except on an individual basis. Others are doing the best they can with the amount of English they understand! If you could find where someone falsely attributed something to me–but it wasn’t–I’d be grateful.I sure don’t need people saying I allegedly stole their material! πŸ™‚

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      1. You are very welcome. Please know I indulge in your good poetry …I wish I would appreciate with more comments, yet I have changed into this person who doesn’t always comment. I used to be different and hopefully will be back that way πŸ™‚

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    1. That is true, We never know in which direction life will take us. And before we know it we find ourselves in this situation.

      Thank you for your contributing your thoughts to this post. Have a great weekend. Be well.


  4. A melancholy stranger who has forgotten
    how to live occupies her fractured mirror,
    an unwanted spirit in a reoccurring theme
    Beautiful lines.

    I’m fascinated that you manage to revisit familiar themes but make them all unique.

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  5. Nandita, if you’re reading this, I want to remind you just how beautiful you are. I have a good mind to use your picture for my featured image sun πŸ˜‰. You have such a pretty laugh ❀
    And ‘The Lonely Author’, this was so wonderful to read. You’ve weaved this post so delicately. I honestly loved it ❀❀

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    1. OMG,my darling Su-Vinci. I love you. Or better still, please let me “throw myself” at you.
      Damn you are so delicious. And me, a “shameless glutton” .
      Oh and yes, please use my picture. The trolls are kinda growing on me. ❀️❀️❀️

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